Sunday, November 15, 2009

weekend report.

Another fun and busy weekend - I guess ALL our weekends are busy,and the ones between now and the New Year... I almost can't even think about it. But,here's the "report" from this weekends events... Saturday was extremely rainy.. I guess it was the tail end of a hurricane that had been harassing the Carolina's all last week. The wind was strong and the rain came down in buckets!!!

Kassy and a couple of her friends, had scheduled a "party" (so to speak) in the barn, where they all displayed their "wares". One gal sells stamps and scrap book supplies, another does the "Tastefully simple" items, and Kas has taken on a line called "Maddy Moo" purses. They were hoping that by combining their items, they all might draw a bit of a crowd. I think the weather wasn't a help because the turn out was quite small. But, it was a good idea and I think that at another time, they will try it again, and do a bit more advertising.

Course, we all went and I will confess that I did a bit of Christmas shopping.

"What ARE we looking at"?? Abbie is beginning to notice things, especially lights and the like.. it's fun to have her turn her little head and look at you when you get close to her.

After the "party" in the barn, we thought it would be fun to meet and have dinner together. When everyone arrived, there were 14 of us. It is such fun to be with your children on a Saturday night, most kids wouldn't been seen with their folks, and we are so blessed that our families love to do this sort of thing.

Course, Abbie always steals the show!!! and is generally the center of attention......

Now, last summer (June to be exact) when we had to move out of the big camp and into the small camp for the season, there was no place for Titus. So, we packed him up and moved him into the new house. At the time, we had hoped that we too might be moving into the new house soon, but.. as you all know... that plan was put by the way side. We had planned on just leaving him there until we joined him, but now that it will be spring before we think about moving in... I decided that I would really like to have Titus back here with us in the big camp.

Today's weather was simply beautiful after yesterday's bad.. the temp was very warm and there were peeks of sun. With the help of our good friend Rick, we packed Titus's tank up once again, and moved it back.

It needed a through cleaning, I got the rocks and "ornaments" done..

Ed and Rick worked on the filter system. Between all of us, it didn't take long to have his tank up and running again.

Kelli had been wanting to make a fleece throw and didn't quite know how to begin, so I told her to bring her things along and I would get her started. Once Titus was settled in, we got to work on Kelli's blanket. (which by the way) came out just awesome!!!!

Pizza for supper, I hear a movie on TV and I will finish up this blog and go and join the fam..

but, we do have one "little" turtle who seems happy to be back with us.....can't wait for Abbie to notice him...