Saturday, March 31, 2007


This is not the first time, that I have found my projects in places that I did not leave them in!!
Fortunately, I always put the "important" stuff in a safe place (mostly) because between a certain little black spaniel (Trevor) and another lighter colored gremlin..... I have learned that if it's out there.... it's fair game.

So, this am... look what I found... wrapped around the chair and "no one" in sight.

I went and made my coffee and returned to find this...... CAUGHT red handed... or red pawed... which ever is the proper term for it!!!!

Course the moment she spotted me... well, that was different, and she walked away with an obvious.... "it wasn't me you saw" attitude!!!

Hate to tell her, but... I know what I know.. and I have lost too many items to four footed creatures!!
Oh well, let her think what she will....

I do know better!!!!!

Friday, March 30, 2007

today is

my birthday!!! I am 47!! When did that happen?? I am still figuring it out. Do I feel 47.. well, some days .. yes... when your daughter is married, your other daughter is looking at graduation, and your son-in-law is deploying... it is easy to feel 47.
However, when I am walking my dogs, riding my horse, learning how to do new projects... the number doesn't mean very much!!!

Especially when the day started as it did... wouldn't you just love a piece of this coffee cake!!! It has to be one of my most favorite things in the world... look at it with a cup of coffee. This cake is made by my dear friend Kim!!! We have been friends for many, many years (one good thing about 47!!!) and she usually makes one for Christmas, but this year I got one on my birthday too!!!!! You can't help but have a great start to the day with this. If there were a bakery in town that had some smarts... they would hire Kim to come and make these cakes for them!!!!! I can't even begin to tell all of you how wonderful this tastes!!! I guess the fact that I try and hide it from the family and keep to myself tells you... but, usually I do share!!! thank you Kim for my wonderful cake.. I am certainly enjoying it!!!! THEN, I go out to the post box and find a package!!! Inside are these beautiful mittens made by my friend, Karen!!! I saw one day on her blog that she had done a mitten class and had really enjoyed making them...the part that really "got her into trouble" was she wrote..." I could make them and leave them on people's doorstep, and then just run away!!!"

Well, I just had to jump on that one, and told Karen, I would give her my address and she could leave a pair on my doorstep!! AND that is what she did... (only mailed them instead of leaving them on the stoop!!!) AND TWO pair no less!!! Aren't they grand!!! They are so soft and warm, almost
makes me want cold weather to return!!! Still, though some of these spring mornings are cool enough when I walk, that I can use them!!! thank you again, Karen.. and you didn't even know they would arrive on my b-day!!!

So, what's on for the day... well, I want to play with Tonka for a bit, maybe do some trailer loading with him. Then got to get the doggie's out for their walk and I am even heading to the yarn shop for some more yarn to make another lamb/bear!!!! Other than that, just try and enjoy the day (it's been a bit of a stressful week around here) and say a special thank you prayer to the Good Lord, for giving me so many blessings in my life.... too many to name!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

future horse?

When I went to Laura's for my lesson this week, I "found" this amazing little baby in her barn. She belongs to one of the boarding folk there, and she is a 10 month old "Gypsy Vanner" - an Irish draft horse.
She is kissing another Vanner - a 5 year old mare,in this picture. I don't know much about them at the moment, I saw them at the Equine Affair last fall, and loved their coloring, size and feathering of the feet. (especially the coloring... have you seen my dogs or cat??)
They're not a huge draft, in the 15 hand range, but their temperment is "puppy dog" for sure!!! I talked with Karen (her owner) about them at great length, and plan on doing some research on them, because I think this is a breed that could easily fit into my future plans...
Either way, there's nothing like a baby... even if it does weigh about 400 lbs!!!!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

part two

Dare I even brag about Tonka yesterday, for usually, when I do, the next time proves not to be so good.... However, he is deserving of praise, because yesterday with him, was wonderful.

He was good loading for me, on a scale of 1-10... I will give him a 7. He actually went on pretty well, but didn't want to stay when I reached to close the door. (And when you have 1400lbs. coming at you.... you tend to move out of the way. )After about the fourth time on, he decided to stay put and munch some hay, and I got the back door shut.

Here he is peeking out the side door, good thing he is far too big to use it!!! And the mud you see on his face... well, let's just say I was happy Laura was running late and I had 40 minutes to groom!!!! What a mess!!!!

As I had thought, Laura was on him first, but she rode just a little and had me right on him. Though his muscle tone is poor right now (from a winter off), he was very supple and giving to the bit. He remembers his lessons from last year, and was willing to get right to work.

It was grand being on him again!!! And I think that even I, did ok, after time off!! I found myself catching my own mistakes much quicker, I think Tonka and I are finally beginning to work as a team. I like him more and more every time I ride, we are beginning to understand each other.

I have a goal this year to try a show or two. I wanted to do this last year, but my surgery last spring (and six week recovery) really put a huge dent in our training. So maybe this year, will be the year!!!

Spring is here, horse season is here.... I am a happy girl!!!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

here we go ---part one

A little later today, Tonka and I have our first riding lesson of the season. It seems like it has been a long winter and I am looking forward to getting back in the saddle!!!

I went out fairly early this morning to get the trailer, most of the snow has melted around it, so it wasn't hard to hook on and pull it out. Actually the hardest thing, was getting the wheel chock out from under the wheels, as it was still a little frozen in the ground!!

Then it was off to find all my stuff. Trying to be a good horseman, when I packed it all away last fall, I put everything away, nice and clean, and in its proper bag. So, with luck, when we get to Laura's, I should pull shiny clean tack out and ready to use!!

The trailer checked out fine, tires have air, locks and hitches are working well, lights come on... just one little glitch.... the registration has run out!!!! I don't think I will make it up to town hall today, but it will need to be taken care of this week. I doubt "anyone" will bother me about it, but I can't count on that too long.

The sign on the back of the trailer says "caution, horse on board".... well that will remain to be seen. Tonka doesn't load so well when leaving "home" and as a rule, I allow myself lots of time to get him on!!! Since today is the first day in a long while, I am planning on an hour and half leeway time... I have my game plan in order, and we'll just see how it goes... (thus the story being part one.... part two will let you know how it went) I hope my entire "lesson" won't consist of "let's get on the trailer" as it has a couple of times in the past.

I expect that we will take it slow and easy. Most likely Laura will ride a good part of the lesson, she is very good at warm ups and proper balance, and it will probably take Tonka a little time to get back into it.... he's very young and though each spring that I have had him gets easier.. there is that learning curve that needs to be done again....besides... I dare say what shape my muscles are in as well.... so... here we go...................

Monday, March 26, 2007

moxie's 10th

Today is Moxie's 10th birthday, and when I found this photo (of the day I brought her home) I can hardly believe that 10 years have gone so quickly!!

I fell in love with her, the first time I saw her, and she has been an amazing dog!!!

Her official name is Sleepyhollow's Ready or Not, CD/CDX/RN/CGC/TDI/FD/ChFD, Can. CD/CDX, UKC CD/CDX but for those of us who know and love her.... "Moxie" works just fine!!!

We have had many wonderful adventures! She has traveled up and down the east coast, and to Canada, has had her picture in the newspaper, has been a catalog model, and has won many titles and awards. She has been my companion and friend and we are hardly ever apart.

She is the top dog in the house, and has taught all the spaniels proper doggie rules .(she housetraines puppies quicker than I ever could), she has been an excellent "foster mom" and has trained more of them than I (food aggression issues, getting along in a pack, not being shy around people!) She knows when to "push" and when to "back off"... I have learned a great deal from her!!! She loves life, and wakes up every morning with a wagging tail, ready to take on whatever the day may have to offer!!!

So in celebration of this wonderful creature.........HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Moxie (aka Moobie-shoo)

Sunday, March 25, 2007

weekend work

We had a grand weekend, the weather on Saturday was beautiful, great weekend for getting some projects done around the house. Ed spent much of Saturday in the barn, sorting out and starting to tuck winter things away. I puttered around the house, took the dogs for a long walk and did a little sewing.

Now, as a rule, I don't like to sew on days that are nice outside, but Dancer needed me to finish up a little project for her. You see, the cats have pretty much taken over the garden window. It's a great place to sun themselves and watch all the activity outside. Since I don't (and never will) grow any plants there, I have just let them take it over. However, the grates that are on the bottom are easy things to catch their feet and nails on, so I decided that they needed a couple of comforty pillows. I no sooner got one done, and Miss Dancer had made a claim on it!!! She looks quite pleased at her "mommy's work"!!!

Then it was back to work in the sunroom. Ed gets the boards done out in the barn, and as soon as a batch is done, we work to get it up. This is a nice system, we usually have enough boards to take us a few hours to do, which turns out to be plenty when you are working overhead like this.

We figure we have about five more rows to do, and the ceiling will be done!!! Then it will be onto the floor. I am still pulling up the tiles, sadly, they are coming up easily... which means, Ed was right when he said the floor needed to be replaced!!!! (I was voting to keep the old tile floor) but I am sure that when it is all said and done, I will be happy that we did it too.

We got a new light for the porch door, so I am waiting for dark to arrive so I can check it out.... now... I think some Chinese food would be good for dinner...I am too pooped to cook!!!!

Friday, March 23, 2007


I borrowed this picture from Kass...

This is Nora, Kass and Nate's kitty, playing the tunes!!! A hidden talent that I haven't actually heard!!! But I understand that she is "quite good".

Kas is back in NC, waiting for Nate to arrive, then they will be back in Maine the first of the week. Charlie has been "left behind" with me. Walking dogs the past few days has been interesting... I am lazy, so I take five with me. I feel a little guilty leaving Tazzy and Tatter at home, but the five are about all I care to handle in one load. And the two puppies play fairly well together, so they do get their exercise!!!

The snow is dropping quick. The sidewalks are very wet, and the cockers come in dirty. But I hate not walking them.. they need to get out, and it's good for me too!! Just will have to put up with pawprints on the floor, and white coats that look a little gray!!!

I was so excited on my walk today, I saw pussywillows in bloom. (I wanted to get my camera and get some shots of them...maybe tomorrow). I love pussywillows.... certainly a sign of spring!!! I also saw a robin!!! so nice to see the birds returning and beginning their songs..... maybe Nora can play for them!!!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Spring arrived last night at 8:04pm.. I awoke this morning to
see.... my horse trailer STILL buried in the snow!!! Where
is this spring that they speak of ??

Here is what the ol' Farmer's Almanac says:

March: In like a lamb a-bleating; sleeting, but it's only fleeting. Great days for the Irish and all of their friends;Look out below! It's snowing again! Clouds are breaking, bears awaking!

And the funny thing of it, they just about hit the nail with the predictions and dates... how do they do it?? I always have a copy of the almanac around, just to see just how close they come... so far... so good... want to "hear about April?"

April: Spring's dress rehearsal, then reversal. The snow must go on! Relief is coming, slowly but surely; get your sugar snaps in early! Kids and their buddies come home all muddy"

So, do we have one more snow to go threw... guess only time will tell, I on the other hand, am anxiously awaiting for that first warm (!) morning walk and the birds showing up again.....

Monday, March 19, 2007

first attempts

Well... I am not so sure that my "lamb" is very lamb-like, he looks more like a bear, or even a puppy dog!!But he is finished and much to my surprise, I got it done!!!

Trevor would like very much to have "mr. lamb", he is a nut when it comes to toys. However, this is one that he won't get his little teeth into!!! Way too much work to be a doggie toy!!!

The purse is pretty good, and I am quite happy with that. Course my family seemed to notice right off, that it's the same color as Moxie and Camille, and even Dancer!!! guess I like that brown color!!! And yes, even my "lamb/bear" is the same color... think I should look at some of the other yarns they have out there!!!

But, either way, my first two attempts at knitting/felting has had some success, at least enough that I am willing to continue on with it. I can "see" some Christmas gift ideas here, or maybe even some craft fair items, if I decide to do some craft fairs again. Or even just for my own enjoyment.........

Sunday, March 18, 2007


Kass has been working on a couple of different projects lately... knitting is one, and sewing is another. She wanted to make something that Nate will be able to take with him on his deployment, and decided that a picture pillow might be just the thing.
It's a cute idea. The pillow is just big enough that Nate will be able to stuff into his "sea bag" , Kass picked out a number of pictures and transferred them onto the pillow, so that not only is it comforty to rest on, but fun to look at as well.

Just so it won't get too "beat up" traveling half way around the world, I made a slip cover for it, and that way the pictures should stay clean and be safe. We had a fun time working together, and I know Nate will appreciate the thought and love that went into it.

Kass has also nearly finished her first "felted bag" (knitting project) and it has come out well. I got one done too!!! And believe it or not... I am in the process of making a little lamb, which is also felted. IF it comes out OK, I think I will give it to Naomi for Easter... can't wait to see it finished. This "knitting thing" has me hooked!!! and as I figured... another list of projects that I can't wait to try.

I am suppose to start Tonka's training this week (just watching that weather isn't too cold, and making sure I can pull the trailer out of the snow!!) ...... it's time for spring projects!! I think winter can go away now..................

Saturday, March 17, 2007

wearin' of the green?

St. Paddy's Day has turned out to be anything but "green". Hit by an good old fashion Nor'easter last night and today, has put those wonderful spring temperatures to rest... for a little while anyways!!!
But one good thing about a spring storm, they never hang around very long, and I suspect that we will soon be back to mud season. Even though I love the warmer temps, my poor floors take such a beating this time of year with muddy doggie prints coming in and out the doggie door. The good thing about snow, is that the wet puddles are easily cleaned up with a mop and leave the floor with a nice shine!!!
This is also Ed's Mother's birthday... she is 92, and I have to say, for her age, she does incredibly well. We will have a little party for her later today, and with Kas and Sadie around, it will make her day very special for sure.
Happy St. Paddy's day to one and all, even if the only green that you see is what people decide to wear today.

Friday, March 16, 2007

show dog

Back in February, Moxie was invited to be a "model" dog for the Pet Edge Catalog. They were looking for " a grooming breed of dog... that would be able to hold various grooming items"... since Moxie has been trained to hold/carry almost anything, and is definately a breed that requires grooming.....I replied to the request.

We had great fun at the photo shoot. Moxie was a ham!!! and the trainer and photographer loved working with her!!! In this photo, they needed her to hold a comb. The trainer wasn't so sure she would do it, as combs are all metal and of course have sharp points. But, as you see, holding a comb wasn't any big deal.

She has always liked being the center of attention, and when she was in the height of her show career, the more people that watched her in the ring, or clapped for her performance, the "showier" she became.

At a number of different shows, we would have run-offs to break tied scores with other dogs. I would be so nervous in run-offs, but not Moxie, she loved them, and got better and better everytime in the ring. She has won Highest Scoring Dog in Trail at total of five different times, always winning in a run-off round.

I think her photo(s) will be appearing in the July issue of Pet Edge. They took several of her holding various items, so I am not exactly sure which one will be used. There is also the chance that she will be asked to model again... which of course, we would happily do!!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Kassy found this picture somewhere in her "marine place" on the internet. I had no idea that the marine corps has a horse unit, and I am looking further into this!!!

I really don't have much to say about it, expect.... could you find a picture that is any more handsome than this one??

If I do find out more about them, I will certainly share that info here... would be great fun to see them drill one day.

*****Dale, (after reading this post,) sent me information on this color guard. They are the only mounted unit in the marine corps and are used all over the country for special occasions. The horses that they ride are mustangs, which have been trained by the corps!!! on my comment section, Dale left a blog address which tells more about this unit if anyone is interested in reading further. THANK YOU, Dale for that information......

Sunday, March 11, 2007


Even though I am still feeling "horrid/next to horrid", Ed and I went to Westford, MA yesterday to attend the Driving Forum weekend. We would have liked to attended both days, but "guest doggies" and the way we are both feeling right now, we decided just to attend the one day.

It was great fun and very informative. They ran several mini seminars throughout the day, and you could pick and choose the ones that you wanted to sit in on. Plus they had a wonderful trade show, with all sorts of vendors that offer "driving stuff".

We saw "Meader's" there and were told that our harness can arrive most any day now!! (very exciting.. now that it looks like we might have a little better weather). We saw some beautiful carriages, buggys and carts... I am pretty sure that when the time is right, we are thinking a "meadow brook" cart will look grand behind Tonka!! There was a whole vendor that just sold "driving clothing" (for shows, etc.) big fancy hats... lap robes... skirts... blouses with ruffles!! the whole ten yards. I personally think Ed would like quite grand in a top hat!! and groom's men attire :-).

We also met another Maine couple, who like us, were there mainly to learn about driving (not into the showing thing). We had lunch with them and went to a couple of the seminars together. They have encouraged us to join the Maine Driving club, so that is something I am going to look into this week.

The Driving Club has several events thru out the year.. driving clinics (bring your horse) potluck suppers, a sleigh rally and picnic drives...just what we are looking to do... besides, the opportunity to be around more horse people!!!

So, I am looking forward to a busy summer, horse wise..... "now isn't that a shame??"

Friday, March 09, 2007


There are "monsters" in this house, that even Dr. Frankenstein would appreciate!!! A creature that has been made from outside sources. Good friends have much to do with all this - Dale and Karen - and another source as well - Christy -.

You know about the wonderful knitting basket Dale gave to me, and I have a "thing" about items not being put to good use. So when I found that I wasn't making the knitting sessions that Dale and Karen were always inviting me to, and saw an ad in the paper for a knitting class, I knew that I needed to give it a try. And so, mittens in the works.

Kass has been watching this process, and made a comment a few days ago, that her friend Christy was "into knitting" and doing felted purses, she told Kass it was so easy, and invited Kass to come to their Thursday night get togethers and give it a try. Being in my "mom" mode and wanting Kass to find something to help fill her time, I encouraged her to go and at least give it a try.

Yesterday, Kass got the list of needed items and we went up to the knitting shop to fill them. Walking into that shop......bad idea... for me!!! Because we walked out with the list... times two.. and I found myself last night in the company of some great young women, and beginning my first felted purse!!!!

Ok Dale and Karen... I see your smiles from here..... I have crossed over!!!!! Now, this isn't even remotely funny... I have a wedding quilt to finish... a birth sampler (cross stitch) for my niece to finish... a horse that will start spring training very soon... DOGS!!! and I have added this to my life.... and Kass has been caught up in it as well.....
On top of that, I "fear" the obvious... another pile of "must haves"........... I just got my quilting "must haves" put into proper order...... "this isn't going to be good" :-)

Thursday, March 08, 2007

mini Nate

Kass found a place where you can mail in a picture of your marine and have it made into a little doll, so that when your marine is away from you in body... he can still be with you in spirit and in "mini form"... thus "we" have a mini Nate!!!

The real Nate is still in California, but when he is away from us, mini Nate will be stepping in. We gave"mini Nate" a trial run a few weekends ago, when our families got together at the Chinese restaurant in Exeter (one of Nate's favorites). The "Daddies" thought that Nate would enjoy having a drink with them. I'm not sure if "mini Nate" liked the drink
that was chosen for him, but he must have appreciated the
paper umbrella. Though looking at this picture,
the drinks are about the size of "mini Nate"... seems like a lot of "drink" to me.

Kass is planning on keeping a journal, (with pictures of course,) of all the things that mini Nate will be doing this summer. Then when the real Nate arrives home, he will have the chance to see all the things that he "got to do" while he was away. I think I will do the same and on the blog you will all see, every now and again, the adventures of "mini Nate". Of course, we would much rather have our real Nate with us, but while he ( and thousands of other men and women) do the proudest job they can do for us and our country... we will just have to take "mini Nate" along!!!!!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


If this is any idea of how much the new sunroom will be
used..... well, I guess it's going to be pretty good!!!

You can't tell from this photo, but it was an increditable cold day today , the actual temp was about 5.. but with the wind howling around the rooftops, it felt like 15 below. I saw on the news this evening that it was a record breaker for this date.

As I opened up the sunroom doors, and the light came pouring in, it took Moxie no time at all to find her sunny spot. She is a dog of "comfort" and probably would have liked me to move the doggie bed out there for her as well.

I went out to see the horses, they were all snuggly tucked in the barn. Tonka was a little annoyed, he hates to be locked inside, but with the chill factor, it's better for him to be in. He will probably find the same fate tomorrow, as this cold snap is expected to last the week.

I also made it to my mitten class, and up until a few moments ago (when I decided it would be a good idea to move from my chair for a few moments) I have been happily knitting on the mitten body. For the moment, my cross stitch and quilting sit by themselves. Dancer likes knitting better than the other two crafts, because she has more room in my lap... (she's getting big!!!) good thing I took this new craft up, we wouldn't want Dancer to be upset!!!!

I have received a number of emails from all my dear friends, asking about the "cold"... and I thank you for the concerns... I am usually not a whimp, but I have to say, this one has me sunk!!! I really can't remember having one this bad... but the truth is, it will go away and its "only a cold" which is a real blessing within itself.

So, as I knit away, listening to that ol March wind, and my little dog enjoys her sunny spot..... life is good!!!!


So, I went along with what "blogger" suggested and signed onto their new and improved program, and I can tell you... I don't like it!!!! I don't think it's easier or better... maybe it's me, maybe I don't do change well, because I thought I was doing ok the "old" way. But since I don't see anyway of getting back to the way I had it set up... I guess I best just figure this new way out.

I manged to muddle thru dog class last night, I am feeling horrid now (vs. "next to horrid" from yesterday). I said a prayer that I would have the energy to get thru, and it worked, because I had enough to finish up, came in the house (FED Dancer - could she tell me any better) and went to bed. Today is going to be on the slow side for sure, I should probably not go to my knitting class, but I really do want to get the mitten body started, so I am going to go and get that info and that will be about it.... after taking care of horses and other creatures....(my daycare puppies will still be coming)

Speaking of which, I need to keep an eye on the water bowl.... with seven spaniels and three cats, it seems like it needs to be filled all the time, poor pups could hardly wait to get a drink the other night, I am surprised that Dancer is being so patient.... or maybe she got pushed out of the way.....

chicken soup and quilt day for sure, I fell so lucky that I don't have to be anywhere today nor do I teach tonite, so I guess it's ok to lay low.

Monday, March 05, 2007

work resumes

Now, that the holidays are well behind us, and we have Kass settled again and
sort of know what Nate will be up to over the next few months,
AND there hasn't been any major snowstorms that require time spent plowing, sanding, etc. etc...... it's time to get back to the work on the new sunroom that we began last fall!!!

Ed got all the sheet rock up and sanded, and the walls primed, so now it's my turn to pick out a color and get that paint up. I really don't enjoy picking paint, it is NEVER like the paint chips you get!!! I think I am pretty good with colors, mainly from my quilting experience, but when picking material its so very different than when picking paint.

I wanted to go with a green, thinking "sun porch, relaxing, outdoor like" and I had in mind a "sage" or a "moss"... I got "celery"... which will be OK, just not exactly what I was going for.
For the bottom of the
walls, we're going to put up "bead board" (again
thinking along the porch idea) and that is going to
be just white!!! The windows will be trimmed in the same white.. I think. Sort of will know more about that the closer we get to it.

And the ceiling is wood. A nice natural pine and will have a fan in it as well, which should make for a nice cool spot on those hot summer evenings!!!

I know these pictures show Ed doing all the work, but that's because I am the photographer!! I did do some of the work!!! As did Kas, Sadie and Josh.... putting that ceiling up takes a certain amount of hands!!!! Two or three to hold, while Ed does the nailing!!!

Actually I wasn't a huge help this weekend, as I am currently feeling next to horrid!!! Remember that cold my little niece had last weekend... well, it's mine now!!! and it's a "gooden". I would run out and help hold the boards, and then crash back in my chair until Ed and crew were ready to hang another... but, we got all the board up that were ready to go... so we did make some progress!!!! and it's coming along well.

by the time the good weather comes, it will be in good use... and I can't wait.....

Friday, March 02, 2007


Let the pictures speak for themselves... Maine, the way life should be!!!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

birthday -- sort of!!!

If you are born on February 29th (Leap Day)
which only comes around every four years, then
when do you celebrate your birthday??

This is a question that Sadie has had to answer
time and time again, and she has come to the conclusion... You celebrate the 28th thru the 1st!! (a total of 48 hours!!!) What could be better than that, a two day birthday!!

I remember well, the day we found out we were "expecting", I went to see the doctor and his nurse, Candy, said "well sometime the end of February I would say" when she flipped open the calendar, she said "Hey, it's a leap year, let's make your due date on the 29th!!" I must admit, I thought that sounded kind of cool, but what are the chances that a baby would be born on it's "due date".. that never happens.

The morning of the 29th, I woke up, feeling perfectly fine (and a little disappointed) and went thru the whole day with not much happening. I had pretty much figured that no way was this little baby coming within that 24 hour time period.... until, just about dinner time, it all began.. and what's more......QUICKLY!!! I bearly had time to get Kas to my Mom's, call my sister Rachel (who wanted to be there for the birth) and get Ed home from work. This baby had decided it was time, and there was no stopping!!!

Sadie was born in about 50 minutes.... and that included "everything", I feel so bad for ladies who go for hours and hours, but not with Sadie, she sort of made up her mind that she was coming, and came!!! (which pretty much has been her way all along, once she makes up her mind, that's it, you don't change things with Sadie!!!)

Ed and I had pretty much figured Sadie was going to be a son, so when the doctor announced "it's a girl" I was shocked!!! We hadn't even really talked about a girl's name, because I was so sure she was a boy!!! Then the doctor made the comment "Hey, this is Sadie Hawkins Day" (meaning the 29th) and the name Sadie just sort of stuck!!!

For those who do not know the story of "Sadie Hawkins".. it goes something like this... a girl can ask the boy to marry her but only on this one day - the 29th. So, gals have a chance every four years to ask a boy to marry, just in case they don't ever get asked. Sort of a silly story, but what's wrong with silly stories?

Next year, Sadie will be 20 and will have her fifth real birthday... if I know her, she is probably already planning the celebration... after all... it will be only a 24 hour birthday!!!!!

** and for the record, March came in like a lamb***