Thursday, April 23, 2009

a special gift...

This evening, after work, Betty stopped by the barn. Ed had gone down to his office and then to the fire station for some training with the new truck, so I actually had an evening home alone. (which is nice after being out all week). I decided to leave the horses out as long as possible, and just as I was headed down to the barn... Betty called.

She has been working on a "project" and was quite anxious for me to see it....

beautiful green sweatshirts with......

our farm logo embroidered on them!!!! She also has another "project" that she's done... but I can't share that with you just yet...... it's a surprise for another time.....

Since it was such a nice evening, and we both had the time, we decided to do some ground driving with Mocha. Last Monday, Betty had the day off from work, so we got Mocha out, and did some round pen work, ground driving and even actual driving with her. She was wonderful and I should have taken some photos of Betty driving Mocha in her cart. We were both so excited and felt that finally Mocha is getting the hang of all of this driving stuff...

Tuesday was a rainy day, so I didn't get Mocha out (I am trying to get her ready for the driving clinic in June)... but yesterday was nice and I asked Sadie if she would do some work with Mocha and I. Well... let's just say, it didn't go nearly as well as it had on Monday, in fact Mocha was next to horrid!!! She wouldn't listen, wouldn't stand, wouldn't go forward.... and even pitched a little fit in the cart!!! It' didn't get her out of her work, but I wasn't too encouraged after that.

She was better this evening as Betty took her around the field. She was still a bit fussy in the beginning, but we just worked her thru it, and she did settle in better towards the end of the lesson.

Guess we just need to keep her moving and working, I know she would rather be in her little stall and hanging out with the big guys... but heck... she's got to "earn her keep"...... (sorry Mocha)

wrapping up???!!!

As hard as it is to believe, yesterday was the last day that Ken, Buzz and Eric had at the house as far as "full time" goes. It's quite exciting and scary all at the same time, because even though much has been completed.....there is MUCH to complete, which we knew would happen that way. They will be back to finish up a few "odd projects", but they can't do them until Ed and I get caught up. Example, the steps into the garage and basement can't be done until the cement floors are poured. And Ken will be back a few days before the open house in May, to help get ready for that.... but for the most part, the guys are done, and it's time for Ed and I to take over!!!!

Much of yesterday's work was clean up. Typically they would take all of it away, but we asked that a lot of the scrap wood be left, because our wood furnace will take care of that next year. It saved the guys from hauling it off, and we now have nice small pieces that we can use to "break the wood furnace in"... since you need to start with small fires.

We all had lunch together... it was fun to just sit for a bit and chat. We talked about the future work of the house, and just other stories.... it's been a fun winter having the guys around, and you can be certain... I am going to miss them!!!!! and Nellie and Zoe too!!!!

This is just the first of many lunches and dinners around the woodstove!!!!

While we were having lunch downstairs, we heard some "goings on" upstairs, and I went up and found this little visitor. I assume he came in thru the front door (which we had open due to the nice weather), a little field sparrow, who wasn't too impressed about the situation he found himself in... I finally ended up removing a screen from one of the windows so he could fly out. He was pretty happy to have his freedom back.

So, now phase two of the house work begins, with Ed and I at the helm... oh my!!!!