Monday, March 10, 2008


I must be needing a dose of spring... lately I have been craving strawberries!!! I even went and bought a package of frozen ones, that I thawed yesterday. It was my plan to have them over some ice cream after dinner last night, but I must confess that I ate a good many of them through out the day!!!! Yup, I want strawberries, hamburgers on the grill, fresh veggies from the little farm stands... I want to go outside without a coat, without worrying about where the ice patches are, without having to warm the truck up for a bit before I go.... I want to walk without mittens on, ride my horse... I want a season change.

My good friend Dale works for a farm that is near her home called Spillers.... they have "pick your own" strawberries... come June, that is where you are going to find me!!!! It will probably be wise for the Spillers to weigh me before allowing me in their berry patch... for I wonder how many of those sweet berries will go right into my mouth verses my basket!!!! I remember taking Kas and Sadie berry picking... they were good pickers and unlike some little kids, never complained or got bored.. just quietly picked the berries to bring home....

We head south in just over a week... Sadie is home to house sit, and I said to Ed this will probably be one of the last vacations that we take where we are so "free"...once we are on the farm, I dare say, it will take a small army of folks to watch over things while we are gone... but for now, Sadie will manage the house and dogs and we are able to go.....I am definitely going to enjoy this trip!!!!

I went south last spring too, but it wasn't the greatest as I was there to see Nate off to Iraq and help Kas close up her apartment and come home... this year is SO much better!!!!

so, that is my "complaint" for the day..... I want strawberries..............................