Thursday, October 07, 2010


I really do believe we are living a charmed (no -- blessed) life up here on the farm. I am often asked if I miss my old town.. of course I do... but I so love being here as well... it's a hard choice as to where I would prefer to live.

Abbie seems so happy here as well. She loves being around all the animals and loves to go to the barn to see "her pony"

which she calls "kitty". Any animal with stand up ears are "kitty" and any one with floppy ears are "eh, eh" (the sound that a dog makes!!!) Pretty funny... she can also say (by the way) something that sounds very much like "please" and "pretty" and of course "HI" (which she says all the time).... those are her five basic words right now, but believe me... she can get her point across....

I think Mocha likes Abbie as much as she likes Mocha!!!!

Tonite, Sadie, Abbie and I went to Portland with Kassy. She had to get her "wedding dress"... well, the dress that she will be wearing next summer at Lauren's wedding (Nate's sister).... any who, as I stepped out the door, this is the sight that I got to enjoy...

and if you look carefully..not just "a" rainbow.. a double rainbow. I have seen so many rainbows since we moved here. I don't know if it's just the sky is so "big".. or if it has to do with the terrain..or what, but it makes no difference "how" they are, I just enjoy "what" they are.

And one thing for certain.... a gift!!!