Tuesday, March 17, 2009

this mud........ will eat you!!!

We'll be walking up to the barn for the next few weeks, as mud season has officially arrived... a few days earlier than spring!!! With the four wheel drive trucks, we could thrash our way there, but it's only tearing up the driveway, and really, we don't walk just because we are lazy!!! so, walking it will be... mind you, I am not complaining, these days with 40 degree temps are doing wonders on my spirits and the melting of the snow....

This mud is "serious"... and if you stop even for a moment, there is a pretty good chance that you will lose you boot!!! So, when you make your way across, you don't stop... or we might not find you until the fourth of July!!!

Now, in deciding that we are no longer driving up to the barn, we had to get the horse trailer pulled out. I will need that for Tonka's lessons on Thursdays. Ed decided to park it up near the house, and Tonka and I will have to walk out to it, but that's no big deal.

Ed felt that it would be better to pull the trailer out with the tractor, instead of bringing one of the trucks in. I think he made a good choice, especially when for a few seconds, he almost buried the tractor.... told you, you can't stop for a second!!!

He managed to rock the tractor out and with the trailer still hitched to the tractor, made his way down the drive. After that, he back dragged the whole driveway, so that when it does dry out, it will dry without big ruts in it....

News on the house... the guys are now shingling the main part of the roof..... they are making good progress and this should go easier as there are no angles or ties in to deal with....

after this.... window and doors!!!!!!

Oh... Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!!!