Friday, January 08, 2010


The camp looks kind of cool with it's big "icy teeth"...although - I am told - icicles are NOT good things, because it means that you have a "loss of heat" somewhere. Here in New England, it can also cause what we call "ice dams", which means the ice builds up and can creep under your shingles and that can cause big troubles...But either way, they do look neat, and as kids, we used to love to break them off and have ourselves a little treat!!!!

I know that the last few blogs have been about Christmas and the like, and some of you might be wondering if we have forgotten about the house, or that we might be on "vacation" from house work..that however, is far from true.. we have been very busy in the house, and even though there are days when I think we haven't done much... people who pop in say we're doing great work.

Basically, the entire downstairs is all mud and taped. We still have some areas of sheet rock to put up - like around the stairs and finish the downstairs bathroom.. but all sheet rock that is in place is done. Just so we stay on track.. whenever Ed has finished with a wall, I have primed it, and a painted wall means... DONE..

One thing I never thought of in building a timber frame.. was... cutting in around all those beams!!! We used that blue tape where we could, but most of the work was done with a straight edge and just going along as carefully as I could. I did pretty well, and only got a little paint on the beams, which I cleaned off right away.

It does make a big difference to see a wall all nicely done... I like the bright clean look and all the "spots" are gone... course, here in the kitchen, you won't even see these walls once the cabinets go into place!!!!

The cockers are SO much help... I didn't think it would take them too long to find that warm spot in front of the woodstove...

I did make one new year's resolution.. and that was, to do "something" in the house everyday.. well, we haven't' been able to do something EVERY day.. but it's been pretty close...and if we haven't worked in the house, it's because something like a structure fire which took Ed away for a whole day.. or my new job at the post office.. but all in all... it is the main focus of our lives right now....