Tuesday, August 07, 2007

it's a girl!!!!

Miss Rachael Joy arrived on Friday, August 3rd at about 11:00 am... all 12 years old of her!!! She is here to spend the week with us, to get a good dose of "horses, dogs, camp and being a little sister!!!"

Right away, it was up to the barn to see the horses, Silver is definitely Rachael's favorite boy, and she took him right out to get a good bite of green grass (he certainly appreciated that!!!)
Then she got little Mocha out, and gave her a good grooming... nothing like going from one size to another!!!!!!

We went to the camp over the weekend, but once we were "home" again on Monday, it was back to horse business.

Rachael finally got a chance to ride ol'Silver horse.... he's nearly 30 and a bit on the "creeky" side, and hasn't been ridden since January when we took him to the beach.... but he seemed happy to be back under saddle again. Since Sadie came out to see what was going on, it was a good chance to take some pictures of Mocha and Silver together. (still want to get that shot of Tonka and Mocha, maybe we'll get that chance one day this week)

Either way, I think Rachael is having a pretty good time here... we are certainly trying to spoil her a little!!!!! it's nice to have a "youngster" around the house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!