Wednesday, August 18, 2010

2 birthdays, a wedding & kidney stones!!!!

August has certainly proved to be a busy month so far. And my "poor little blog" has certainly not had it's usual attention!!! So, to catch up on all the activities (other than the "move").. here's a fill in blog. The first thing to report is my dear Ed has dealt with another run of kidney stones... and looking back at last year's blog, it seems it has run pretty much the same course. He had to go in for another "blasting procedure". This time however, they did a laser surgery, it took more for him to recover from it, but they feel that it was a better way to go this time. The cause of these stones (almost on a yearly basis now) is still under investigation, but the doctor feels that they are an acid base. He has put Ed on a medication that should help keep these stones from forming, and I guess time will tell.

Nate celebrated his 25th birthday back on August 1st. Kas put together a nice little party with some family and friends. She made this cool pirate cake for him as well. She loves to bake and comes up with the neatest ideas.

Happy Birthday!!!!

On August 5th we attended a wedding. This is "Father" and his bride Martha. "Father" is our hayman and a member of the fire department, he lost his dear wife a couple of years ago and the past couple of years has not been very happy for him. Martha was a life long friend of his and she had lost her dear hubby several years ago. Somehow they met up again (I don't exactly know all the details of their story), but the short of it is...

They decided to marry and to begin a new chapter in their lives. It was a beautiful church service (full of fun) and then a nice reception and dinner afterwards. I can easily see the change in Father, his old grin is back again and there is a restored happiness. His family is so excited to have Martha a new member, and I wish them many happy years together.

August 10 we had another birthday to celebrate. Our dear friend Rick. Kelli invited us over a for dinner and celebration. Another evening of fun and laughter...

Happy Birthday - Rick!!!

Believe it or not, there are still quiet moments here on the farm. We are beginning to settle in and finding the routine. The dogs are enjoying their lives here, and are settling in quite well.

Boxes are beginning to disappear and things are finding their places. I still have much to do, and will probably change things around several times. But bit by bit, it's coming together.

I thought the real work was in building, but now I think it's unpacking. Still a couple boxes a day will eventually make a difference.