Monday, January 12, 2009

a new beginning...

Yesterday, despite the fact that we ended up with six inches of new snow!!! Ed and I loaded our little foster dog into the truck (along with Moxie) and drove him to meet (live with) his new family.

This is a great little dog, and sadly circumstances in his previous home, put him into rescue. No one's fault.. just one of those things. But I have to feel for a dog who is 8 years old, has only lived with one family, and has found himself, suddenly "alone in the world"... guess that's why I volunteer as a foster home!!! The other wonderful thing, is, he was always loved and treated as a treasure, so, aside from having the usual adjustment time, this little dog will settle in quickly as soon as he realizes that he is in another home of love.

He walked into their house like he owned the place, and when he found a fluffy dog bed and brand new toy waiting for him... that was all he needed.

He wasn't one bit "concerned" that his new Dad has a wheelchair, which is very good. Some dogs can be rattled by such a thing, but he wasn't worried at all..

So, another little dog moved along successfully, and I am sure rescue will be anxious to move someone new in here!!!

Since we got him before the end of the year, I think he is an '08 dog... and Ed and I can proudly say that last year, we fostered (and helped adopt out) a total of six dogs... five cockers and one springer...

I hope the "count" for 09 will be less... not that we don't want to help, but that it would mean there are "less doggies in the world" that need foster care...

I know...wishful thinking!!!!!