Saturday, April 03, 2010

playin' in the mud

It's that time of year again, where we have to cut the boys out of the pasture so it can get some green. If we allowed them out on it, they would gobble up the grass before it even has a chance to start. The area near the barn is pretty mucky and I hate having them stuck in here, but it's only for a few weeks, and if the sun sticks around for a while, this will quickly dry out.

Give it just a bit of time, and this will green up well, and the boys will have grazing all summer long.

Ed has been wanting to get another corner post in for quite sometime. We had rigged the corner with a regular fiberglass post, and so far, it held up. But if the drafts get "horsing" around, it wouldn't stand up to them. So, we put on the boots, headed out to the mud and got a hole dug for the new post.

Abbie was with us, as Sadie was at work. I just buckled her into the "gator" and she buzzed around the pasture with us as we worked. She seemed pretty happy with all the activity.... we'll make her a "country baby" yet!!!!

We kept the boys in while we worked.. mainly so they wouldn't be under foot and "helpful".. once we let them out, Tonka went straight out to the fence and walked the line. I could almost here him saying "what's with this???"

Then he went back to where the new post was (and all that "new" mud) and took a nice little roll for himself. Silver decided that he would "smile" for the photo!!!!!

and then had a little roll for himself. Ah, shedding season... gotta love it.

Abbie seemed pretty happy "playin" around the farm .. she loves to be outside and just a part of anything that is going on!!!!

And here's our Chester.. home after surgery. He wanted to "fuss" with his boo-boo, so they had to send him home with this silly cone thing. He actually didn't mind it too much, and slept most of the rest of the day and evening. Give him a day or two and he'll be back to himself.

I said to Ed, the animals are going to want to keep far from me... poor Chester and his operation, the boys crowded into a small paddock.. I bet the others are just waiting to see what I'll do to them!!!!!!!!!!!!

boy... is he lucky!!!!

Trevor is one lucky dog... lucky that we love him!! Because he sure can get himself into trouble.. yes, the "dog trainer's dog" gets into trouble. I bought a couple of Pandora charms at the local jewelry shop. One for my niece's birthday and one for Deb's birthday. This little shop always does the charms up in a big way and I walked out with these two cute little packages.

Well, I had to run a couple of errands, and so I tucked the boxes (which were also in a bag) into my purse and ran my errands. (the purse was left in the truck since I didn't need it)

I came back to the truck and find out that Mr. Trevor... having been left in the truck... nosed thru my purse and pulled out the bag. He then proceeded to open the gifts!!! And eat the boxes, the ribbon and the receipt!!!! Needless to say, I was "bloody" mad!!! Camille and Hunter did their best to "hide" while I told Trevor pretty much what I thought of him at that moment.

Then, a horrible thought hit... WHERE were the beads??? Not only were they my presents, but they can be a little expensive and the thought of them being "in" Trevor.... horrifying!!!

Fortunately, he did NOT eat the beads themselves and I found them in the crack of the seat.... ,he was one little lucky dog.
The next day, I humbly went back to the jewelry store, told them my fate and asked if they would re-wrap the gifts. They were very gracious and being dog folks could understand.. thankfully I doubt they know that I train dogs for a living!!!!
Either way, the gifts have made it safely to their "people" and I will yet again, remind myself that Trevor and anything of paper... is a bad combo....