Saturday, August 02, 2008

moving in... "bit by bit"....

Since I have always known that "one day, I will have my own barn"... I have spent "years" collecting things. Some barn items come naturally, just because of the horses, saddles, bridles, blankets, etc.... but other things have to be thought of.... saddle racks, bridle holders, hooks and such to hang things on... and those are the things that I have been "collecting". I have always had the amazing luck of "gifts"... friends and family knowing I need things and getting them for me. One particular gift was from a client. Her husband had passed away, he had been a horseman, and when she was moving, she called one day and said that I would be more than welcomed to "go thru Bob's horse stuff and take whatever I wanted to take". I got all sorts of amazing things, beautiful brushes, whips of all kinds, leather halters and leads, all kinds of "hooks and such" for hanging things, a nice little tack trunk....I was beyond thrilled and she was too, knowing that "Bob's things" would be greatly appreciated and used once again.

And so, today, Ed and I began to plan out the tack room and get some things put into place. I still need a few items at home, where the horses still are... but some things can go into the new barn. Here is Mocha's saddle and bridle.... and Silver's as well. We don't ride Silver anymore, at nearly 30 years old, his riding days are over, but I have his saddle and bridle and will keep them. We still have a lot of other things to get into order... harnesses for Mocha and Tonka.. and of course all of Tonka's stuff when he moves in... but it's a good beginning. Sammy was a "big help" around the barn today....he has certainly begun his role as "barn cat" !!!!

Speaking of barn cat... Sammy has settled in so well, that we felt today, we could let him "go". So, we opened up the tack room and out he went. I think this picture says a thousand words... he was so happy to be "free". Having been a "house cat"... which he hated, and then penned at the shelter...which he also hated... I think "barn cat" is going to be the perfect job for him. He was pretty funny, and spent the whole day exploring... he would disappear for a half hour to an hour.. and then check back in with us. He loved laying around the barn and watching us work... and this evening when we left, he came when called, and didn't seem to mind being locked in again. In time, I will allow him to roam at night too, but right now it's still pretty new. Sadly, Annabelle is not adjusting as quickly... she is still staked out under the stairs, but she is eating now and using her box.. and looks a little less scared. I am just going to let her do what she can do.

The other nice thing, is Sammy could care less about Moxie... and of course, all our dogs have always been raised with cats, so they don't bother either. Moxie was rather concerned with Sammy out and about, and for a while she kept an eye on him... making sure he was alright. Tomorrow I think we'll bring Camille out with us... she loves kitties, and will probably try to "mother" Sammy. I don't think Annabelle is so keen on dogs, but I know they will be gentle with her.

Did some more painting and getting little things in place .. like door stops, and handles put on.. finishing touches...... it's getting close.....