Sunday, February 03, 2013

running an errand...

So, today, after church, Ed and I find ourselves on a little adventure for my dear friend, Linda. She wrote me a few days ago, saying that she had bought a loom, and if we could... would we go and get it and keep it here until she can come for it. It was such  a pretty ride, and very close to where Deb and Dave live, so it was a fun afternoon.
The loom was at this pretty little farm... they have llamas!!! and not that I would ever really want one, but they are pretty neat. This lady is a spinner and weaver, and was selling this loom for someone else... she has plenty of her own. That's the "trouble" with hobbies... it's easy to "collect" when you have them. She was very nice and was quite interested in how I knew Linda, and the fact that she lives so far away, and yet, we are pretty close friends. The world really isn't that big, ya know.
The loom was bigger than I thought (glad Ed convinced me to bring the truck and NOT the jeep!!!) It fit nicely into the back and traveled well the ride home. We also stopped a minute to visit with Deb and Dave, and just enjoyed a winter afternoon outing... this time of year, I always appreciate a change of scenery.
 So, dear friend... here it is.... now waiting in the garage for you... and it might be wise not to wait too long to get it.. or I could "get used to having it around!!!!"     :)