Friday, December 21, 2012

shortest day or longest night???

All too soon, our trip (which I had been looking forward to since last September) has come and gone. We're back home and the Christmas holiday is just days away. Today, being the 21st.. is the shortest day of the year -- or the longest night, guess it depends on how you see it....
Today was cookie baking day... I really haven't done any baking for Christmas, with the trip and all.. and it just seemed like a good day to do this. I made my favorites... short bread cookies.
I had some help.. a beautiful little princess in her red Christmas dress (good thing, it's washable)... she loved doing the cutting part - which is fine by me, because I think that's my least favorite.

My Mom always made short bread at Christmas time. As I said, they were always a favorite of mine, and I can remember asking her why we only had them at Christmas. She said something to the effect of "they're just for Christmas".. so that's what I thought. When Ed and I were married, I got a great cookbook as a gift, and when I ever found the recipe for short bread cookies... well... I think the first couple of years, we had short bread cookies all the time... no longer "just Christmas" in my house!!!!

I'm thinking, because they take a little time to do... that is why Mom saved them just for Christmas.. and though I don't make them often... I do enjoy them... especially at Christmas time.

So, tomorrow the days begin to get longer once again.... and even though I don't want to rush Christmas, I must admit, I like days with more daylight......