Sunday, March 28, 2010

what a day

Somewhere along the line, this Tuesday will be my 50th birthday. I still haven't quite figured out when that happened... when did I hit fifty... what happened to forty?? because I am quite sure that I skipped that part. but either way.. fifty it is.

The day started out like any "normal" Saturday.. my time in at the post office. I was however, looking very forward to being done with work, because I had a wonderful lunch invitation from my dear friend Kelli. The past week hasn't gone so smoothly, so last Monday night, she invited me out to chat and sort of "make up for the week". I was really looking forward all week to it. To top it off, things at work went amazingly well.. the mail truck arrived early, the load of mail was somewhat "light".. the window wasn't too busy, and when I closed the office at noontime, I was in my truck and waiting for Kel by two minutes past noon. I also had bell choir practice, so Kelli knew that we had to be back in town by 3:00, so, I was happy to have all that "extra" time by getting out of work so quickly.

Kelly met me at work, and I told her that I wanted to leave my truck at the church, that way, all she had to do was drop me off there. She thought that would work out fine.. so I took my truck to the church, hopped in Kelli's jeep and off we went. We had a wonderful, wonderful time together. Our lunch was very good, but it was simply nice to sit and talk. So much of the time we are together for "another reason" (like a dog class or something) and you just can't "talk" at those events.. so, to sit and have "nothing else" to do.. was grand. One thing we discussed was - I am having a hard time trying to decide on a paint color for the living room. I think I want it a "green", but nothing is hitting me right now... noting that we had a little time before bell practice, Kelli said that she would pop over to the farm and see what colors I had been playing with and give me her opinion.. I thought that was great.

And as we round the corner... I saw a balloon tied to the mailbox... and the drive way was filled with cars!!!! YUP... a surprise birthday party!!!! Suddenly alot of things made sense.. ie: Ed picking out the biggest turkey we raised to be cooked... the major clean up in the house... the rush to finish up some things around the house... THIS had been "cooking" for a long time.

The house was FILLED with family and friends!!! Goodies galore!!! The cake (at the top) had a picture of me when I was around six years old.. the puppy beside me was our six month old St. Bernard dog, Cesar.....

The house had been decorated to the hilt. and not just "birthday" decorations, but all sorts of "homey" touches... thanks to Kelli!!!!

Ed and the "crew" (I am still figuring out who all helped with this) even went into the storage trailer and pulled out our dinning room table. (side note.. I was so happy to see that silly table again.. it's been over a year!!!)

And you know, it was nice to see the house more like a house than a "building project"... it was very, very exciting!!! the food tables are about where our counters will be!!!!

Here's one of the "culprits!!!!" (and breathing a big sigh of relief that it all went off without a hitch).. well, there was one hitch, you'll see that later in the blog!!!!!

But, back to the party... family and friends from all over. Here is Traci and her son Dillon, who traveled (with Dave too) from Mount Desert Island (about four hours) to join in the fun.

And our house was crowded with our dear friends!!!!

as I made my way around, I got to hear more about all the details of the party, and try to spend time with everyone who came. The food was great, and the sound in the house was warm and happy. Many times I just stood quietly and listened to it.....

Even doggies were invited... and here Banjo has a good run in the field with two of his sisters and Charlie.

As we were all sitting about and talking, Rick said something like "where's the team". Sort of jokingly I said to him.. "if you want to hitch and get them out go ahead" The next thing I knew, both Rick and Dave were headed out the door. A little bit later, someone said "hey look outside" and we saw Rick ground driving the boys.

And not too much longer... the team pulled up to the front door.... all hitched and ready to give rides to the guests. I did run out and took them around the field for a couple of trips...

and anyone who wanted to go for a spin was able to. Such fun!!!!

Here, Dave and Deb take the boys out for a ride... I'm so glad that Dave is able to enjoy this beautiful wagon that he built.....

And then there were presents.. so many great presents. They were such a surprise, I really didn't expect that.
(thanks for the flamingos Rach!!!! you know how MUCH I love them!!!! (not) )

There was one gift that I just have to share. You see, yesterday (the 27th) would have been Moxie's 13th birthday.. (you all know how I feel about Moxie). I actually woke up a little sad when I realized what the day was, and I even mentioned it to Ed and then to Kelli at lunch. Well, unknown to me.. Kelli had gotten a picture of Mox and had a custom made stain glass picture done as a birthday gift... which I received on Moxie's real birthday.......
I am sure as the days go on, I will think of even more to say about my birthday party... and may even add more to this blog... but it's still all so overwhelming, that this is what I have to say for now.
The most important thing though... I am reminded yet again that the Good Lord has showered me with many, many blessings!!! and I am truly grateful... thank you all, for wonderful day, for all the things you do, ....... for making my life so grand........

oh and bell choir.. well I missed out on it, so won't be playing at Easter (because I missed too many practices) but it's OK