Tuesday, October 31, 2006

starting out

so, here it is, my first attempt at "blogging". I have a number of friends that have "blogged" for months,(maybe years?) I love reading their posts, and have thought "one day I want to give it a try" well --- here's the try. Funny how I can think of millions of things to write about, until this blank canvass shows up on my screen and then nothing. But I don't suppose my first time out has to be a novel!!!

What will prove to be more of a challenge is finding my way back to this so that I can continue. Computers and I are not the greatest of friends... I just haven't taken the time to really understand them... I have all I can do to understand my family and my animals!!! I hope to master the picture part of this, because I think the blogs with the pictures are more fun.. course that might mean learning to really use my camera as well.... wonder what I have gotten myself into??

Course, too, will then be knowing how to pass on this address so my friends can read my posts too.. though I wonder what sort of entertainment I can come up and what news to share that I haven't already. I suspect there will be lots of words about my spaniels and my horses.. so I guess if folks find that sort of thing interesting, then it will be ok.

so, blog one.... let's see if I can find my way back :-)