Monday, February 06, 2012

quiet winter days..

So, where are the blogs? What's been happening around the farm? Well, dear reader, nothing that special.. thus not much to write about. It's not that I haven't been busy - because I have, there's always something "to do" but just not anything that I would consider blog worthy. The boarding kennel has been quite busy, we have guest doggies in and out of here all the time, the dog classes are all going well... horses fine, dogs fine.... the chickens are laying again and we're finding 2-5 eggs every day.....same ol same ol....
Norton did pay a visit to my good friend Karen for his first grooming (with us). I could groom him myself, I do five cockers every month. But my grooming table isn't big enough for Norton to stand on and it's just easier to ship him down to Karen.

I also figure that when he is matched, more than likely he would be sent "out" somewhere, so it's just as well that he has the experience of a busy shop. Karen reported that he was very good at being groomed (and she got him done so quickly)
and by the looks of it, Norton liked her quite well. If I had the "extra" money, I would like to ship the cockers out each month and save me the trouble, but that isn't likely going to happen.
So, the winter just rolls along, it's still mild and just not that much going on.....