Sunday, March 11, 2007


Even though I am still feeling "horrid/next to horrid", Ed and I went to Westford, MA yesterday to attend the Driving Forum weekend. We would have liked to attended both days, but "guest doggies" and the way we are both feeling right now, we decided just to attend the one day.

It was great fun and very informative. They ran several mini seminars throughout the day, and you could pick and choose the ones that you wanted to sit in on. Plus they had a wonderful trade show, with all sorts of vendors that offer "driving stuff".

We saw "Meader's" there and were told that our harness can arrive most any day now!! (very exciting.. now that it looks like we might have a little better weather). We saw some beautiful carriages, buggys and carts... I am pretty sure that when the time is right, we are thinking a "meadow brook" cart will look grand behind Tonka!! There was a whole vendor that just sold "driving clothing" (for shows, etc.) big fancy hats... lap robes... skirts... blouses with ruffles!! the whole ten yards. I personally think Ed would like quite grand in a top hat!! and groom's men attire :-).

We also met another Maine couple, who like us, were there mainly to learn about driving (not into the showing thing). We had lunch with them and went to a couple of the seminars together. They have encouraged us to join the Maine Driving club, so that is something I am going to look into this week.

The Driving Club has several events thru out the year.. driving clinics (bring your horse) potluck suppers, a sleigh rally and picnic drives...just what we are looking to do... besides, the opportunity to be around more horse people!!!

So, I am looking forward to a busy summer, horse wise..... "now isn't that a shame??"