Wednesday, May 02, 2007


I don't intend to use my blog as a "gripe page", but sometimes I am just so annoyed!!!! PEOPLE!!! Now, don't get me wrong, I like people, some of my best friends are people, but people can be very (excuse me) stupid at times.

Working with dogs, I discovered this quickly... because working with dogs, you don't really work with the dog ---but with the human on the end of the leash. I have found that I need to be very patient and professional when it comes to dealing with them, but once in a while, either a bad day, or someone who seems very stupid, just gets to me.... I have had two of them in the past few days.

A lady called me a day or two ago..."Hi this is Mrs. X and I have the dog, Rover, that you came and worked with a little bit ago" (Rover... let me think...I remember now.... I worked with him OVER a year ago) "you remember him, he is a "little aggressive" "... yup, I remember... I also remember thinking that this lady wasn't about to do the work that I said she needed to do with him, AND after I left, I probably would never hear from her again.... which was the truth, until she called. How can I help you, I asked... "well, Rover is about the same" (no kidding!!!) "I doubt we'll ever be able to do anything with him" (you need to work!!!) "but, the reason why I am calling is.... we have a new puppy....a small poodle about 5 pounds, nine weeks old, and Rover isn't being very nice to him" (oh brother!!)... so I spend about 20 minutes on the phone, making all sorts of suggestions for Rover, and advise her that she needs to do training with the puppy as well.... because even though he is small, he can and will learn this aggressive thing from ol' Rover. She then tells me that the puppy is "all set" because she has hired a "trainer" to come to her house and work with the puppy!!!!! ..... WHAT???? what does she think I did when I was there a year ago. Well, folks, my "professional side" went out the window.. and I told her that if the "trainer" were coming to the house, she doesn't need to be talking to me.... "really... why, you know Rover so well"..... I know the other trainer she has hired... nice trainer, good ethics... BUT, very different from me... so I try to explain to the woman that she needs to go with one and stay true... because it won't be fair for me, the other trainer or even poor Rover to decide one day to do things this way and another day, do them another way...... "Oh, I never thought about that"...."well, she can't get here for a few weeks, so let me think about who I want to come"----- It won't be me!!!

THEN this morning, another lady calls. She needs a class NOW (why do people wait until last minute and call when they are in a mess)... I don't have a class available NOW... I offer to come and do a private, and tell her when the next class available will begin... but neither is good enough.... she then asks me "well, who do you recommend as a trainer" ... recommend???? I RECOMMEND ME AND MY CLUB!!!!! she laughs and says, "yes I know, but what are the telephone numbers for the other trainers here in town?" (are you kidding--- I don't keep a list)... so I tell her that is something she is going to have to do for herself, she honestly seems surprised at my answer, so I just wish her good luck and tell her that she can call again if she chooses.

I don't know, maybe it's me being a little on the "sensitive side"... but, I think I will go for a walk and not answer the phone for the rest of the day... they can leave messages on the machine, I will get back to them ..... later....................