Tuesday, December 30, 2008

much going on...

Today was a busy day at the farm... LOTS of company, lots of building... lots of everything!!! Kassy was watching a friend's little girls, so, as a source of entertainment, she brought them up to the farm. It was really cold today, winter has appeared once again, but the girls were good sports and seemed to really enjoy themselves!!!

The first thing they wanted to "try" was the new wagon!!! They climbed right up there and thought it was just great (btw... they are twins!!!) They also liked it because it gave them a good view into the stalls, and they could see the horses.

We then pulled Mocha out of her stall. The girls loved her, they gave her treats, spent some time brushing her, and even sat on her for a little bit!!! Mocha was so good and really enjoyed all the extra attention!!!

And since Banjo will be spending time on the farm and around the horses, we thought it was time that he met Mocha!!! She is wonderful around dogs, and Banjo seemed very happy to meet her!!! He certainly wasn't one bit afraid of her.... nothing better than a puppy that has been well socialized... Kas and Nate are working very hard on that!!!!

"how about alittle kiss??"

While Kas and the girls were there, more company showed up.... these are our dear friends, Chuck and Peg! We have known them forever, and if you ever wanted to meet two really "neat" people, these are the ones.. They have a beautiful farm, and do all sorts of cool things... raise their own meat, make maple syrup in the springtime.. grow a beautiful garden...operate an outstanding boarding kennel... just about anything. I love spending time with them and was just thrilled that they came to visit!!!!

(Banjo...what a ham he is for the camera!!!)

No sooner had Kas and then Chuck and Peg left, when my friend Kim drove up for a visit as well.... it was such fun to have so many friends on the farm!!! Everyone is pretty excited about the house and the progress.....

And speaking of progress.... look at the gables!!! Even though the wind was blowing, and it was really quite cold!! the guys worked today, and got the two gables in place... all of a sudden this house looks huge to me!!!! (and we still have the garage to build!!!)

"Sweetgrass farm!!!"