Monday, March 19, 2007

first attempts

Well... I am not so sure that my "lamb" is very lamb-like, he looks more like a bear, or even a puppy dog!!But he is finished and much to my surprise, I got it done!!!

Trevor would like very much to have "mr. lamb", he is a nut when it comes to toys. However, this is one that he won't get his little teeth into!!! Way too much work to be a doggie toy!!!

The purse is pretty good, and I am quite happy with that. Course my family seemed to notice right off, that it's the same color as Moxie and Camille, and even Dancer!!! guess I like that brown color!!! And yes, even my "lamb/bear" is the same color... think I should look at some of the other yarns they have out there!!!

But, either way, my first two attempts at knitting/felting has had some success, at least enough that I am willing to continue on with it. I can "see" some Christmas gift ideas here, or maybe even some craft fair items, if I decide to do some craft fairs again. Or even just for my own enjoyment.........