Saturday, June 12, 2010

"hay" we go!!!!

When Chester and I arrived back at the farm, two big projects were waiting... number one... HAY!!! yup, it's hay season again, this year it's about two weeks early. (Last year, it was late, due to the wet weather we were having). It's green, it's beautiful, it's ready to go. This little fox had a great time watching all the "going ons".. and catching a few mice to boot. He wasn't really one bit afraid of all the noise and activities.. guess he knows where to find an easy meal - once the hay is brought down.

"Father" has this neat "rig" (if you will). It's a sled that is towed behind the baler. As the bales come off, they are piled on the sled. Once it's filled, the bales are slid off and are left in a nice neat stack, waiting to be loaded. Saves driving around the field and picking them up one by one!!!!

The big news this year, is Father's new tractor. It is the latest and the best (he certainly deserves it!!!) and it even has AC. Ed said you could just see him smiling ear to ear as he drove around in this beautiful thing!!!

There was a nice big crowd to help out this year. One of the many benefits of being associated with the fire department!!! Not only did they help to load our trailer.. but even unloaded in the loft. The work was done in almost no time at all.

And here is half of this year's hay - heading for home!!! Next winter, on those cold and snowy days.. our boys will be enjoying the taste of summer!!!!

With project one being hay... what's project two?? getting ready for flooring!!! Ed told me that the floor guy (who is Steve) was planning on arriving bright and early Wednesday morning to begin the floor. This means, get things into place ASAP!!! So, Ed worked on getting the cabinets into place...

And I headed up the stairs. The hallway needed to be painted. Well, it could be painted after the floors go in, but the way I paint... it is much safer to get them done first. I had to come up with a color... and decided on "grey". Believe it or not, this too is a "historic" color (I have tried to keep to historic colors where I could).. and this grey comes from the Mark Twain house.

It's kind of a cool color, because its one of those colors that changes with the light. Sometimes it looks really grey and other times it takes more of a "Wedgwood blue" look. I like the way it balances the rooms, Sadie and Abbie have very light/bright colors and our room is more of a warm/dark, and this seems to bring it all together. The posts are in, the painting is done... bring on the floor!!!!