Tuesday, January 19, 2010

yup..go BOLD!!!

Now that we are at a stage where we can begin to chose paint colors.. I feel like all I do is look at painted walls. Every where I go, I take a few moments and check out the "color" that is around me. There are SO many choices out there, and I have gotten quite brave about asking people "what" is the color they have chosen (like when I go and do a private lesson with a dog student) I have decided that I want to be "different - brave - daring" with this house. It's only paint afterall, and if I decide I don't like my choice, I can just go over it. This is the "mudroom".. it's a nice room, but can be a bit dark (though with the white primer.. it doesn't look dark).. but with just one window and the small front porch, after the morning sun has moved.. the room is dark. So.. a nice bright, welcoming color is needed here.

Kas painted her bedroom this wonderful yellow/pumpkin color. I just love it, and upon making that comment she told me that she had a whole gallon of it left over. She didn't know how much paint to buy when she was doing the room and bought too much.... she told me I could take the gallon if I wanted.

I jumped on her offer!!! Now the pictures really aren't showing the true color here, but it's what I was looking for.. bright, welcoming, warm... perfect.

I am going to run a stencil around it.. I'm thinking a nice soft green "vine" might just dress the top up enough.

And once the closet doors are on, trim done around the window and the entry doors.. a nice bench to sit on and take your boots off.. and a floor, the room will take on another look again. I have big beautiful clock that will go on this wall to the right, and I don't know what the floor will be just yet, but I'll find the right thing if I look enough...

so, here it is.. the first "bit of color" in the house... yup.. let's go Bold!!!!

Happy B day....

My Ed celebrated his birthday this past week. Sp. we pulled the fam together and went out to dinner to celebrate. Any time we can have everyone together is such a special treat...

I am thinking that Abbie would have liked to try that dessert that her Grandpa had!!!!

And here's my sweetie.... Happy Birthday babe!!! I love you!!!!