Monday, August 07, 2017

August is off to a busy start......

Yesterday, I was invited to the children's program at the library to tell them about bees. As luck would have it..I have a hive to bring..minus the bees of course...thinking it might be fun for the kids to be able to look inside a hive. I also packed up my equipment and some honey and crackers.
I also had my number one helper...Abi was thrilled to set it all up for me and as the children arrived, she already began explaining everything. I did talk a little but basically let Ago tell the facts and let the kids explore the hive. The honey and crackers were a huge success....Actually the whole event was.
One day its bees and the next...dogs!!! ( that's my life...) a neads check in day for shadow. Cadi is in her first season, so she stayed home while shadow had his training day. But what was fun is Annie and Kate came to us and we had  a training day at the beach. Annie brought maddie with her so shadow didn't have to work alone.
Since shadow is going to be with Kathleen and cadi is with me...Kathleen worked with shadow today. We did our usual training places...the wild kingdom is always a good spot to practice in. Course since we have worked there with the Monday night classes...this was old hat to shadow puppy. 
Linda brought Otis along too. She doesn't work him much as a past service dog..but he knows what its all about.
The day was pretty hot and shadow puppy is not fond of the heat. He faded pretty fast. So we took it slow..took breaks in the shade and after a couple of hours, decided that he had done a job well and called it good for the day.
I have to say it was much nicer working at the beach on a hot summer day than it was working in the city. And we're hoping we can convince the gals to come up our way more often. 

The gals headed back...Linda, Kathleen and I had a nice lunch together.
And finally,,the beetle is out ...Abi has been waiting for her ice cream ride...the summer is zooming by..we need to get these sorts of things done !!!