Sunday, January 14, 2007

its official!!!

Saturday, 1/13... today Ed and I had a lot of running around to do. We had to go to the butcher shop and pick up "our pig"-- his office manager, Faye, always buys a litter of piglets in the spring, and raises them all summer. Then, when it's "time" you can buy a pig from her. I love the idea of eating "home raised", knowing that not only has the animal had a fair and humane life, but that it has been fed high quality food itself, so I can justify it. Anyways, after we had been to the butcher shop, it was onto Meader's to ... TAH DAH... order Tonka's harness!!!!

I have been saving my pennies since September, and at Christmas time, Ed gave me a certificate that pretty much finished the balance of it. So, up we went and now its just hurry up and wait. However, since winter HAS decided to show up, I guess that pretty much takes the "hurry" part away. I won't be ready for any sort of harness training for a while, we still have alot of ground work to do.

The folks at Meader's just can't be any nicer. They know that we are real "newbies" to this driving idea and answer any and all questions that I can come up with. I confessed to them yesterday that my great fear was to open up a huge box full of leather pieces and not even know where to begin putting this thing on my horse. Everyone gave a little chuckle and said they had heard that before, and when the harness arrives, we can bring Tonka up to them, and they will put it on, make any adjustments, and show us just how to do it.... whew!!!!!!!!!!!! they also have extremely knowledge people there, so I am sure that we will get started in the right direction. I did ask if "Dana" (who helped up order the harness and did the fitting with Tonka) came with the harness, but they didn't think his wife would "let us have him"!!!!

I also felt a little sad yesterday, because I saw in the paper that "Troy" the kitty that I went to adopt, but got Dancer instead... is still up for adoption..... he is very cute (any of you out there reading this blog)... he is yellow and sweet, and so is his brother... now that I don't "need" a yellow kitty, they are everywhere. But, I love my little Dancer girl, and wouldn't trade her for anything..... she has now gotten into computer work, along with quilting and cross-stitch, so pretty much whatever I do around the house, she has to be a part of it!!!!!!