Wednesday, April 04, 2007

how do they do it??

I look outside and it's snowing!!! April 4th!! Somehow, I am not that surprised because the ol almanac says (and I quote from April 1-7th) Spring's dress rehearsal, then reversal. The snow must go on!!"

According to the noontime news, we are in for 3+ inches on the coast, and more inland!! Amazing, and how do they do that.

There is a column in the book that sort of explains their doings, its too lengthy to write, but they claim an 80% rate of accurate!! I don't think the weathermen on the TV have as good a track record as that... especially a year in advance!! Aside from the weather, there are all sorts of interesting articles and facts, I certainly do enjoy thumbing thru them and make it a point each year to pick up a copy.

Well, at least Nate will have some snow to enjoy before he heads out, he hasn't seen much snow over the past couple of years!!! Kas says she can do without it.... I think she would prefer to be a southern gal... guess she was born in the wrong part of the states.

AND.... exciting news around here.... Sadie has been accepted to Becker College!!! she applied for their two year animal science course and has made it in...... pretty cool!!!!!!!!!!!!