Sunday, September 27, 2009

the fair -by day and night

The last time we attended the Rochester Fair was two years ago. Kas had entered a radio contest called "Mrs. Rochester Fair", (she was living at home that summer while Nate was deployed) and we all went to "root her on". She actually won the contest and ended up with some pretty nice prizes because of it. We got to see the fair, and had an enjoyable night. We didn't attend the fair last year, if I remember correctly, "everyone" had just moved and I think we were still at the "settling in"stage.

This year, found us at the fair again, but my time spent there began in the morning... as a judge!!! I had been asked to judge the obedience classes for the 4H dog handlers and I was more than happy to do so. I get great joy in watching the children work with their dogs!! I don't know if I make a very good judge, as I would send them all home with blue ribbons, but I guess I did a good job.

I met with my "staff" first thing and went over my "game plan" for judging. (don't know when I have ever had this much help at a show!!!) Everyone was great, and the kids did a super job.

This little guy was showing for his first time not only was his dog a Beagle (which can be a "tough" little dog) but the dog was older than the handler!!! They did quite well, and took second .

This class was the "more experienced" handlers, it's nice to see how serious these kids are, and yet excellent sportmans as well. Quite a diverse group of dogs as well.

I admire the fact that they show their dogs in rings were "other animals" have been, it can be hard to keep your dog's attention with "horsie poop" on the ground!!! or cows walking by, sheep bleating in the back ground, or truck pulls going on right next dog. But they manage to do it!!!!

There was a total of 16 dog/handlers, so that's a pretty good turn out. After I was done judging, Sadie and I went and got some lunch (met up with Kelli and Rick) and then headed back home to do chores, take care of the dogs, and get ready to head back to the fair for the evening.

I wanted to be sure and catch the pig scramble. Rick was helping out with that, so we knew the time and the where... and we didn't want to miss it.

This little piggie is #8.. and "he" was in the scramble. I don't know who caught him, but they got a sweet little critter, he was very personable.

The rules for the scramble are very strict. Only children can do the scramble and must be between the ages of 8-12. They are very stern about "how a piggie" is caught and go over the rules before each one. Along with the kids that are working for a pig, there had to have been at least 15 adults in the ring, acting as judges and making sure that everyone played according to the rules. I was impressed.
They had two scrambles... 10 children in each one and 5 piggies....

And if you have never seen a piggie run - let me just say --- they are FAST. The whole thing was over in no time, and 10 kids have a piggie to raise for the next year. When you catch one, you must keep it and raise it for the entire year, it can not be sold before that time, or given away (or killed).. after the one year, then it is up to the kids what they wish to do, but the first year is the obligation.

There's always much to see and do at the fair.
Sadie and Kelli made friends with the giraffe

And I don't know what got into me, but I thought it would be fun to ride the Ferris wheel. I haven't been on one in years, this one had different seats, and we could all ride together, so I wanted to go.

Is that a look of "terror"? I had forgotten just how high they went. Actually it was quite fun, and you certainly got a bird's eye view of the entire fair ground.

Rick and Kelli seemed a bit calmer!!!
(nice photo you two!!!)

The whole evening went by in a flash, it was getting late and we were all tired by the end of the night. Looks like this little guy had a long day (week) too....

and so we bid goodnight to the fair until it comes around next year...