Friday, July 18, 2008

"the" playhouse

Last night, we were invited to the playhouse to see the play "The Producers"... our friends who invited us, are on the board of directors, and it was premier night.. where the actors get to do a run thru before opening for the public. Neither Ed nor I had any idea of what the play was about, but when we told Kas and Nate.. they knew all about it, and said we would love it.... They were right!!!!
It had two things "going for it" to start with.. one, it was a musical (which are always my favorites) and two, it was a Mel Brook's writing, (which Ed likes), so we knew we "couldn't go wrong"... aside from the fact that we were also "guests"!!!! The play was wonderful... very funny.. and the whole evening was grand!!!!
This is a wonderful old playhouse, it is only open during the summer, and when the kids lived home, we always went to at least one play a summer, and made it a family outing. We have seen some wonderful plays there.... "Beauty and the Beast"... "Grease"... "Cinderella"..."A Funny thing happened on the way to the Formun".... the list goes on and this old place holds some very happy memories for all of us.
The plays are always professional.. with live music, great costumes and often some very famous people from the acting world!!!! We have never been disappointed with any of them....
Another "jewel" in my life..................