Monday, December 15, 2008


Monday morning.... 8:50 am... and I am beyond thrilled to find that phone, cable and COMPUTER are working once again!!!! Hello "world"!!!! It's been a long four days, and we are still operating on a generator, but to have communications back again gives one a new look on life!!!!

So, where to begin... well, "we" made a wise decision to postpone our dog club's party on Thursday evening... and I made wise decisions in... going grocery shopping on Wednesday evening, getting new wiper blades for my truck when it was serviced Thursday morning... filling my truck with gas!!! Bringing in the Christmas tree, bringing in a good supply of wood and encouraging Sadie to spend the night.... because on Friday morning... this is what greeted us

The world was made of "glass".... I got up with Moxie about 2:00 am (she gets me up most nights to go out) and while I was waiting for her, the lights began to flicker. I said a quick prayer... "please let me get back to bed before we lose this power"... and that's just what happened, no more than a minute after Mox and I got back into bed, and out went the lights. I wasn't surprised, you could hear the sleet pelting on the skylights all night long and then with a good layer of freezing rain (just to top it off) the trees began to give way with mighty crashes. The house was warm, because we had kept the woodstove chugging all night, and Ed was already in planning mode about taking the generator from the farm and bringing it here. "I think we're going to be out for a bit" was his comment.... (well, it's Monday morning... this is a long "bit"!!)

We bundled up and headed to the farm... horses would need tending to anyways... the ride there was interesting and I am glad it's not more than the two miles. Tree limbs were breaking above our heads, chunks of ice falling from the trees, and if it hadn't been for horses, believe me, we wouldn't have gone out... it really was quite dangerous.

We weren't able to get into the drive of the farm. The birch trees were covered in ice and bending down, blocking the drive. Ed used the tractor to try and shake some of the ice from the trees, so we could at least pass by them. I hate the idea of cutting these trees down, but it's something we may need to consider if they continue to be a "problem" like this.

Driving down, I had already made up my mind that horses would not be going out that day. But, if there was any consideration in my mind... the fence told it all!!! I was pleased to see that none of it was down, but it would all have to be cleared and checked before any one went out. They were quite happy to see us, and wanted to know "why breakfast was so late".. I gave them a quick hug along with breakfast, and it was off to help Ed fetch the generator.

We got back without too much trouble, Ed unhook us from the "main grid" and hooked in the generator... ahhh... lights... coffee!!! course everything was out, phone, cable and computer... including cell phones!!! nothing much to do, but we were able to pop a movie in the vcr and have a morning together with Sadie. About noontime, the storm let up and early afternoon we even had some glimpse of sun.

Sadie and I left Ed to tend the fire and the generator, and we went to feed lunch to the horses, and do barn chores. One thing with owning "big animals" your chores don't stop just because there is a "bit of bad weather". The sky was turning a brilliant blue and the sun shining thru the ice was incredible!!! course we were still dodging tree limbs, chunks of ice and always on the watch for a down power line.

The wind was beginning to pick up a little, so Sadie and I took the time to walk the fence line .. everything was still standing, and we shook the ice of it as we went along. I knew that I could get away having everyone locked in for one day... but they would need to get out and I figured, deal with the fence while we could.

After she helped me, she headed for home.. but no one in southern Maine had any power, so she didn't "go home to much"...

All in all we have been on the comfortable side... more than many I am sure!!! I feel very blessed that we have the woodstove, a huge pile of good wood... and that generator.. of which I have become (almost) a pro at running!!! And now we "sit and wait"... there are power crews everywhere, they are working around the clock and I am sure doing the very best that they can... we need to be patient...

course, you know... as far as service for the farm... I guess we can forget about that for awhile!!!!