Sunday, October 04, 2009

into the month

I have a few days of blogging to catch up on, welcome October!!! a month that I have always liked, but it became even "more favorite" when our first daughter was born, (see the next blog).. and now, we look forward to our first grand daughter coming within a matter of days!!! The trees are putting on quite a show and everywhere that you look is full of color. I take picture after picture and try to decide which one is prettier.. and then decide... they all are!!!!

We are, once again, settled back into the big camp. It feels homey here, and I am doing somethings differently from when we were here last winter. We will stay put for the winter while we continue to work at the farm, and think that when we move next spring, it should be into our new home. At least that is the current game plan.. always subject to change!!!!

Now that Kas has celebrated her birthday, we await anxiously for baby Abbie. Mona will have a rude awakening when she finds out that this is a car seat... not a cat bed!!! All of the pets are curious about the new and exciting things that keep appearing around the house.. for some, it will be the first baby. I'm not too worried about the up coming changes and pretty much know how each one of the animals will react.

It was fun to have Ken and Buzz back here last week. There were some finishing touches that they needed to do, but had to wait for Ed to get his things done. Most of this depended on the house being vinyled.. case in point, the railings on the small entrance porch, fix up some sheet rock that had been damaged due to the weather last winter, and re-vamping the cellar stairs that did not past inspection. Very minor things, when you think of a whole house being built....

We can't say it enough.. what a pleasure it was to have these men building our house. They are true craftsmen, and certainly take pride in their work. Sadly, it's a quality that can be hard to find in this day and age.

Buzz, giving careful attention to our railings...

And here is our beautiful "front entrance"... can't wait to have a huge number of family and friends come to use it!!!!!

October is also the month to celebrate "weddings"... today - the 4th - Kas and Nate celebrate their fourth wedding anniversary!!!! They took the day to tour around, and dropped by to say hello to us...I took this "family photo".

So... here we are.. so much has already happened and so much still to do.. it's going to be a busy month and another month that will fly by... catch your breath!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!