Saturday, April 18, 2015

therapy dog!!!!

A couple months ago, I signed Livy and I up for a class that would certify us as a therapy dog team. There are a few organizations that endorse therapy dogs. and they are all good, so I just choose the one that was the easiest for me to attend. "Pet Partners" was once called "Delta" and actually my little Moxie dog was "Delta" certified... but they have changed the name and changed some of their rules, and since it has been so long since I attended their course, Livy and I just started from the beginning. It was divided into two classes.. one just for the handler and then (today) the testing for the dog handler team. 

What I really do like about Pet Partners is, when you are tested, you are tested as a team. So the handler has their own things that they are being watched for, and then of course, the dog has their list of things that they have to be able to do. 

I was more worried about "my work" than I was of Livy!!!! You are scored by either "NP" (not passed)  or a #1.. for done well, but needs improvement  or a #2.. performed perfectly... we only got one #1... and that was because I did not bring a proper brush with me. They want us to have a very soft bristle brush (in case the people you are visiting would like to brush the dog) and I just grabbed a brush out of the grooming basket.. which by no means would be considered "soft"....  

so... we almost had a perfect score!!!! Well.. Livy did have a perfect score... 

Now, I just need to get all our paperwork sent in, and then decide what kind of "visit" we will be doing. I want to continue with the reading program that we did last summer for sure, but I would also like to find a facility that would like to have a therapy dog team come and visit on a regular visit... so, there's some research ahead for us. But either way.. a new adventure with this little gal of mine!!!!