Thursday, August 11, 2011

national service dog week...

In keeping with "National Service dog week" Rick and I (with puppies in tow) found ourselves out at the mall in Manchester for another "awareness event". This one was organized by Sandy (center) and her NEADS service dog, Cece. Even though it was a weekday (and the middle of the week) the rainy weather brought people out to the mall.

We had a pretty good number of folks stop by to ask about the dogs and learn a little more about "what service dogs are about". (which is exactly what this week was intended to do). Course, you know, Otis always has the spotlight!!!!

Cece is a well seasoned service dog.. you can tell she has done many events like this. Actually Sandi is very involved in legislator and has been working hard at changing some of the laws with regards to service Cece has seen this sort of thing before.

The one annoying (yet constructive thing in an odd way) was we were "parked" next to a toy vendor. I still am not sure what this guy was trying to prove, but he would take all his wind up, (annoying) toys and place them right near the dogs. At first, they would have been very happy to grab them up and play with them, but once we said "no" they obeyed and just laid there watching these things hop and pop around them. Good training, but really quite rude as well.....

This lovely lady and her service dog (a Gordon setter) came by for a little visit. I have to say, what a handsome dog he was and they made a very nice team working together.

Otis - Ginger.... "it's all about the RED vest!!!"

One thing for sure, this "adventure" of service dog raising has taken me places that I would have never thought to venture out to. I have also had the great pleasure of meeting many wonderful people.. truth is, yes I am doing a "wonderful thing raising a puppy"... but what these puppies have brought to me.... makes every moment more than worth while!!!!