Monday, February 21, 2011

just around the house

Well, this HAS to be a good sign. I am beginning to see my garden horse once again. We have had some "almost" spring days, and it's amazing how quickly the snow will drop with just a bit of warmth and some sunshine. I know we aren't out of the woods yet with this "winter thing".. but even big storms now don't stay around that long. Another month or so.. we're getting closer.

One thing that has been so great about this house is the sunshine. All afternoon we get the sun shinning in the living room. It makes it warm and cozy and there are plenty of spots to take those cat (dog) naps in. During the evenings, we fire up the "little" stove and we're all nice and snug.

Abbie has been into all sorts of new games. This one being "ghost" I guess. She found one of Sadie's scarfs and draped it over her head and ran all about. She would run up to you, grab your leg and when we sounded "scared", she laughed and laughed and ran to the next person.

She is just so much fun at the this age, and everyday that she is here with us I count as one of the greatest blessings in my life. She is also doing so many different things with "walking"... she walks backwards, on her tip toes, walks with her arms behind her back.. all sorts of ways.. it is so funny to watch her!!!!

And if Abbie isn't entertaining enough.. there's always Ginger. She tears through this house like a whirlwind and is always picking up something. Which, for a service dog, is a good trait. But she has a real thing about Abbie's slinky.... and anytime she can find that, she is one happy girl. I have been doing work with her back pack, and she hardly knows it's there when she can play with the slinky. I think I'm going to have to get Abbie a new slinky and let Ginger keep this one!!!!

I have a project going right now... a little baby quilt. A friend of mine is having her baby at the end of the week - a little boy - so I wanted to get a quilt done for her. (actually as this blog is written, the quilt is complete and ready to be taken to my friend). I'm pretty pleased with the way it came out, I think she will like it.

Ah.. bacon!!! a favorite of mine!!!! We have it almost every Sunday, from the pig that my sister raised. I can't even begin to tell you how yummy this is, our bacon is getting low and I am going to be so sad when we run out of it!!!

And fresh eggs... the "girls" are laying again and we are getting 4 to 7 eggs a day. So far we can keep up with them, but I am sure that I will be looking for "homes" for those fresh eggs.... so if anyone would like a dozen or so, just let me know!!!!!

Oh.. and my steamer!!! you know "they" always tell the menfolk never to give appliance type things to their wives for Christmas. Well, Ed and I have never followed that rule and I have received many appliance type gifts and have loved them all. But this year, Ed gave me a steamer (I told him I thought one would be nice)... just with all our hardwood and tile floors I thougth this would be a good idea. Well, let me tell you.. I love this silly thing. I even enjoy steaming the floors. And it's great for keeping up with puppy prints, spilled juice from Abbie's cup or whatever. The floors stay looking great and it's so easy to use. So, if you've thought of steamer, I say get one!!!