Thursday, March 24, 2011


Another check in at NEADS...we have stayed very consistent about checking in each month. It makes for a nice road trip and change of scenery.. even if it's still cold snowy there as much as it is here....But, working with Dave, having a day with the gals and k9's and our usual stop at Cracker Barrel, always makes for a good day. I don't know if I have ever mentioned it, but NEADS has a little "side line" (if you will).. they have a small adoption place for kitties. It's neat because it gives some very deserving kitties a second chance and the kitties also "aid" the service puppies in their training. We did our "usual" chat with Dave about the puppies progress, go over the lessons for the upcoming months.. ask questions about some of the things we are working on... and then allow playtime for the dogs. This month, it wasn't just Leo and Ginger... Loyalty is now a member of the team, and he can keep up with the goldens without any troubles at all. After our time on campus, we went into a small city that was close by (we have yet to do the bigger city).. but Dave just wanted to see the pups around some sounds and heavy traffic. It was also a pretty wind and cold day, so we really didn't want to spend too much time outside. Here we simply have the puppies sitting on a curb and watching the traffic. (certainly way more traffic than Ginger sees on a daily basis)... but everyone did fine. Then we parked on a park bench and watched the buses for a bit. The sound of the air brakes, the noise the doors make as they open or shut... and people climbing on and off.. presented a whole new look for the pups.
It didn't take them too long before they all got bored with this idea. Which is the main goal.. to have it so nothing phases them. That way, if they become "country dogs or city dogs" it will be all the same to them. So, yet another month come and gone, and I have to say, I think the time with Ginger is going by even faster than the time with Chester did... scary.....