Saturday, October 01, 2011


It's a little hard to tell - from these photos - who's birthday this really is... but I guess that's the difference between being almost two and turning 26, the "almost two" wins out. And it's Kassy celebrating her birthday, with help from Abbie - (who will be two in just a couple of weeks). We told Kas that we would be happy to take her out for her birthday, but she said (and I agree) that it's hard to visit when you are in a restaurant. She also said, she had a turkey that she wanted to get out of the freezer, so she opted to cook her own birthday supper and asked us to come.

Abbie, of course, was delighted with the whole evening. Getting to be with her "Tee-tee", having Happy Cake and opening presents, she was quite certain the evening was for her.

I don't think that "tee-tee" minded so much...

and even if she didn't get to blow out her own candles, she knew that we wish her all the very best for the upcoming year. And we are so blessed that this beautiful young woman is a huge part of our lives...

Happy Birthday Peeka!!!!!!!!!!!!