Sunday, July 15, 2007

a happy couple

A few weeks back, I talked about my friend, Julie, who raises German Shorthair Pointers, and whom I often play "puppy mid-wife" for.... but alas, due to a surprise trip to the ER with Hunter, I missed out on the delivery of her last litter..... "interesting" news, but not exactly where I am going with this blog!!!

Julie called a few weeks ago, to tell us that she was being married to her life long friend Gordon... they decided to have just a quiet little ceremony, and then celebrate their marriage with a big cookout for all their friends and family. Today was the cookout!!!! It was a grand time.. though the weather for them was about as "wonderful" has it has been for me with regards to cookouts (more on that later!!!) and I got to see lots of dear friends, and just have a great time talking and eating and seeing Julie and Gordon so happy together. We did manage to have them do a "traditional" cake cutting ceremony!!! and just wish them many, many happy years together.

Now, of course, I couldn't miss out on the puppies again.... Allie had 12 of them, and talk about cute!!! I just love this little pig pile of pointers!!!! They are all doing very well, and Julie has even begun their obedience training.... mainly working on coming when called... which turned out to be a real help this afternoon.... (remember the weather!!!) I am pretty pleased this photo came out, because when it was taken, there was no electricity in the house!! and it was as dark as night!!!!!

And I wished this picture showed more... yes, its a very wet motorcycle.... Ed's motorcycle in fact... the one that we decided to ride up to Julie and Gordon's. OK... so the sky looked a little threatening as we left York, and yes, we did for a moment, think about going back for the truck.... but the sun was out, and we don't get out on the bike much.... so we pushed on.

The closer we got to Julie's, the blacker the sky got. You all know how much I "love" thunderstorms... NOT!!!!.. and I was getting pretty nervous on the back of that bike... just as we turned up Julie's road, a HUGE blot of lightening lit the sky and a rumble of thunder that I could hear over the bike and from under my helmet..... we just pulled into the driveway and I was off that bike in no time... I didn't even stop to knock on the door, and bolted into the house!!!! Ed was right on my heels and I bearly had the helmet off, when the heavens opened and the rain poured!!! and HUGE hail stones fell from the sky!!!! Two more bolts of lightening lit the sky and hit very close to the house... and off went the power!!!!

Julie and Gordon came up from the cellar where they had been getting the dogs in.... 12 puppies plus adults... and had a rather close call with one of the lightening bolts!!! Gordon said he could feel a tingle as he opened up the puppies pen!!!! and Julie was so proud that they all ran right into the house as she was calling for them!!!!Where ever that lightening hit, it was very close to the house, and lucky for Gordon that all he felt was a slight tingle!!!!! but, there wasn't any time to be afraid, because guests were arriving and the party was beginning ! I said to Julie, it will certainly be a day to remember!!!!

Best wishes to the happy couple.... even if it started in a "shocking" manner!!!!!!!!!!

AND, about the bike... well it will spend the night at Julie's... Kassy had to drive up and rescue her parents!!!!!