Sunday, December 26, 2010

boxing day!!!!!

It had been my hope that Christmas would be celebrated at our house this year. But, it just didn't seem to work out that way.. though one year soon, I am going to do my best to make that happen... but....

I thought instead, since we had Sunday as the day after Christmas (Boxing day) that maybe we could extend the holiday a little longer and I asked everyone to come and have a Christmas turkey with us. The only drawback was.. a winter storm was heading for New England and timing was going to be everything.

We had saved some gifts out for Abbie, so she got another morning of gift opening. This actually worked out really well, because having just a few gifts at time, kept her from being overwhelmed and she got to really see her new things and enjoy them. Besides it was just great to have a little one opening presents here!!!

Around lunch time, family and friends began to arrive. I knew that some would not make it, worried about the snow beginning, but it sure was wonderful to have folks here.

As I have said, having the house filled with people is one of the best things in the world!!! People stayed as long as they dared... but the late leavers did call back to say the storm had arrived and they were glad they had left when they did.

We are in for a "real" New England Nor'easter... and I'm glad it held off as long as it did. I'm glad we didn't have that worry on Christmas day, and that we had most of Boxing day to be together...
the "cousins" certainly had a good time..... and now we head into the last week of the year... 2011 is just around the corner!!!!

simply said .... Christmas!!!!!

And here it is... Christmas again. Where has a year gone?? and why does it come faster and faster each year. And why doesn't it last longer??? Even though we cram in as much as possible, it is never long enough.

Christmas eve was spent with our dear friends (aka family) Deb and Dave. Deb made a wonderful dinner and her house was so cute all decorated for Christmas. It was so welcoming and comfortable.

We attended a candle light service at the little Baptist Church just down the street from the Flaggs. It was a nice little service and a great reminder of "what" this holiday is truly about.

If I could say... it was sad not seeing this little church filled to the brim. And sadder still, that there weren't many children.. I fear this is a sign of the future... we need to get families back to church and our children being raised in Christian homes.....

Christmas morning, it was busy here on the farm. We had animals to tend to and make sure they would all be set while we were away for the whole day. Then it was packing up of the goodies.. which required several trips to the truck. If there was any doubt about how blessed this family.. I think this photo says a great deal.

First stop was Kassy and Nate's for breakfast and gift opening. As you may recall, this is our "old" house and I am so happy to be able to spend Christmas morning here again. We have had so many great memories of Christmas "pasts" here and it's nice that it holds the "future" as well. Breakfast was grand... Kas and Nate really out did themselves!!!!

I brought Ginger and Camille along. I knew that Ginger could not go the whole day stuck in her crate. And if nothing else... it was a good day of "training" to beat. She didn't quite know what to make of all the boxes of things.. but she was very good the whole day.

After Kas and Nate's.. it was onto my parent's home for lunch.. time with the family and more gifts. My Dad repairs clocks and I just love this clock that they have out on the front lawn!!!!

My Mom and Dad's tree....

and a small part of the Santa collection that my Mom has!!!

As stated.. the whole day just flew by. But is was great fun and I savored every moment of it. Little Abbie did quite well and went the whole day without a nap (and without being cranky to boot!!) But just after supper, she was done!!!
and so a great way to end my Christmas blog...
Merry Christmas to all and to all.... a good night!!!!