Saturday, April 25, 2009

perfect windows!!!!!

At least six weeks ago, one of my blog readers (Mrs. Mom) had pictures of her garden going in.... needless to say, she doesn't live in New England!!! but I was so "jealous" to see pictures of her "dirt, seeds, and soon ... little plants growing!!!" It got me to thinking that I would like to try a garden this year. Now, I will confess that I do not do well with things that are "green"... but I also thought, why can't I learn..... and so, we're going to give it a try with stuff that is "easy" and see where we get.

These are my pumpkins!!!! Every fall I spend money buying "fall decorations" and wonder why I don't grow them myself. So, we'll start with pumpkins, some colored corn and some gourds... and then we'll try some easy veggies ... but we still need to wait just a bit longer for the "world to warm up"..... so far so good with the pumpkins and we will need to get them in within the next couple of days.

When the windows went in at the house, there was a comment made about how big they were, and "how close there were to the floor".... making them very easy to look out of. I think Ed said something about, "I can see the dogs now, and we might need to put oak trim around them, because it's doubtful that pine will hold up to doggie paws".

Camille and I went down to see what Ed was up to, and the moment she went into the house...

here is what she did!!! Hopped right up and looked out the window!!!

I think she approves of these "cocker height" windows!!!!! (maybe we should have sills made of cement!!!)

Wiring, wiring, wiring.... the work goes on, I bet there is "miles" of wire in this house. I am just so happy that Ed can do this work... this has saved us a lot of money!!!! (and it's getting close to done)

Before the guys left, they did a nice job of picking things up.... I miss the activity, but I like the neatness!!!!

Word has it that we are suppose to have weather in the 80's this weekend... if that is true, I know a few horses that will be getting baths!!!

I think this fuzzy creature is in dire need of one!!!!