Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Yesterday didn't start off too well, the little white guinea pig in this picture is Pete..... and Pete died yesterday. I had a feeling something wasn't quite right the night before, when I put the doggies to bed with their cookies, Pete and Applejacks (the bunny) always got a piece of apple or carrot... well, Pete loved his little night snack, and would always whistle until it arrived..... there wasn't any whistling. So, I cuddled him for a little bit, and then tucked him into bed, and found him all curled up this morning..... he has gone to be with Bella.
Funny how attached you get... Pete sort of came into our lives. Sadie had bought Bella for her birthday, and as we were leaving the shop, one of the clerks said, "you wouldn't want another?".. seems Pete had been bought there and then returned when the people got tired of taking care of him. Sadie really wanted Bella, so I said I would take Pete. At first he was rather shy and a little hard to handle, he didn't like being held and would stay at the back of his cage when you approached it. But, like any animal----time, patience and love changed that all around, and Pete became quite a little actor!!!! He wasn't afraid of anything, and actually "chased" after the others, whether it was Bella and Applejacks... or the cockers and cats. I will miss him greatly.
So, little Applejacks (who we also rescued) is the last one of "Sadie's zoo"... I am thinking I might get another piggie, but I will wait.... with Christmas coming... who knows what might be available come January or February after someone else "gets tired of taking care of them".
Say hi to Bella for us Pete!!!!