Wednesday, April 21, 2010

takin' care of horses...

Something that fascinates me are the different kinds of jobs that people choose to do. Now, I know that sometimes people don't actually choose their job, maybe it's just "something" they are doing to get by, or perhaps the job just "fell" into their lap, or perhaps they have a "gift" to do that particular job... but either way.. I often look at people doing their "jobs" and wonder how/why did that person chose to do that.....

Case in point, our farriers. Now, I am extremely glad that they do the job they do.. where would our horses be without them? ( in big trouble) But honestly, what would make anyone want to purposely stand underneath a horse (hold him up while he stands on three feet) and trim their hooves. Even with the "quietest" of horses (and thankfully our drafts are very "quiet).. it's hard work!!!!

Dean and Ben arrive bright and early Monday morning. I love having them come, not just because they take such good care of our horses, but they are just really fun to be around. Like any good farriers, they are filled with all kinds of stories, and as the work continues, it is an hour of good fun, swapping stories and laughter.

For those of you who don't know.. a horse's hooves need to be trimmed about every six weeks. Fortunately for us, we do not shoe our horses, so it's just a trim.. but if a horse needs shoes, that has to happen just as often. The hoof grows like our fingernails do.. and if not trimmed and taken care of, it can cause a lot of trouble for the horse. The saying "no hoof, no horse" is one that is very true!!!!

We like to keep "good feet" on our boys.. so, I just make the next appointment when they guys come out. That way I keep on track and the boys for the most part, always have good looking feet....

here we are .. all pretty once again.

course, we can't forget Miss Mocha!!! Trimming drafts has it's own "thing" but doing a mini... poor Dean just about stands on his head!!!!

"aaawwww"... look at that cute little foot (compared to Duke's in the previous picture!!!)


"We're shoeing Mocha this time, right Sue??"

(ah... NO!!!)

Very funny Dean!!!!! (obviously one size does not fit all in horses shoes!!!)

Look at Miss Beeker!!! she had to come and watch all the fuss being made with the horses. What a silly chicken she is, she acts more like a dog than a chicken. She will follow me all around the barn, making her little clucking noises.. you can walk right over and pick her up anytime that you want. I just love this little thing!!!!!

Next blog, I will catch you up to date on the house work we have done over the past couple of day...
but for this one.. it's "the end"....