Tuesday, May 23, 2017

famous Livy...

Livy and I have had (are having) a busy year of doing our therapy dog visits. For the most part I don't share much about them, I feel in a way its kind of a private project that we do.  I do celebrate the number of visits..as we are working towards AKC titles...but where we go and who we visit with, is not generally shared. Until now...when our story was printed in two local newspapers this past week. And it was not our doing.
One of the places we visit is the cancer center, and they are the ones who shared the story. 

Back in February I received an email from our local therapy dog chapter. They send out mailings listing facilities that are looking for dog teams. The cancer center was on the list and since its close to the farm, I contacted the center.
I assumed they would just say they wanted me to come,but it didn't quite go like that. They actually wanted to do an interview and see what Livy and I were all about. It was a nice interview I could see we were truly being checked out and then we were taken around the facility ..again..being watched as to how we interacted I'm sure with the staff and clients.
I thought it went well...Livy did her usual charming thing and as we were leaving the director said that they were talking to a couple of other teams and would let us know. "Ok" I thought ...if they want us fine and if not that's ok too. Livy and I were already busy doing reading with the kids at two different schools so either way was fine by me.
A few days later we were notified that yes they did want us to come and explained that this would be a pilot program. Meagan, the gal that had interviewed us, was presenting the therapy dog idea to the center. And not that anyone had said no to it, but no one knew quite what to expect or how this would really work out. Personally, I had no worries and knew just how it would work...but I went along with whatever they wanted and needed. 

Basically Livy and I are in the waiting room. Livy is more like an ice breaker for conversation  and by her third visit people began to look for her. When she is there, the whole waiting room is talking. The staff was amazed and saw how people were really talking to each other. Sometimes they share the story of their recovery journey but more often they like to talk about things other than cancer.
Not everyone visits with Livy, some folks don't want to be bothered and I can understand that...and Livy seems to sense when to approach someone and when not to. I trust her instinct and allow her to work the crowd. 
A couple of weeks ago we were told that its no longer a pilot program...it's a "program" 
and they want Livy and I to come as often as we can. The staff can see a difference and Livy has quite the fan club. And so much that the newspaper stories were released,

Its not the reason why we do it..I like giving to my community, especially if I can do that with a dog, I know the magic that they bring. But I'd be lying if I didn't say its been fun to have a few moments of fame...Livy on the other hand...just wants a few more pets.