Tuesday, August 03, 2010


"construction" room

"empty" room

Dinning room!!!!!

whew...where to start

Things are really "flying" around the farm these days!!! Happy August everyone - I can't believe "that" month has arrived already!!! "Our" turkey family (they are really wild, so they don't consider themselves as ours) are doing quite well. We see them everyday, and as far as I can tell... not one baby has been lost. We don't know if there are 13 or 15, but either way, it's a big brood and growing into very pretty birds.

Our real babies are growing too. I bought six of each (laying hens and Guinea hens) quite certain that we would loose one or two before it was done. But, everyone is alive and well, and it looks as though 12 birds will eventually be added to the flock. This of course meant they needed way more room, yet they are too little to turn out just now.

So, Ed (in one of his rare spare moments) made a nice screen door for turkey manor. Now the babies can be loose in the whole shed and still have good air and sunshine coming it. It's very handy for me, and actually a great way for all the birds to get to know each other. I find the big birds at the door peeking in and all the babies on the other side peeking out. I think in another few weeks, we can open the door up that leads to the pen and let them out, but just want to be sure that they can't fit threw the fence before we do that.

AND.. what is this???? a FINISHED project!!! yup... the washer and dryer are up and running!!! I decided to have them installed in the "master bathroom" and it looks as though this idea might be a good one after all. I have done a couple loads of laundry and they work great.....

We also have a working toilet and sink in the master (so is the shower).. so, for all intent and purpose, this bathroom is done!!! (we er..I still need to finish staining the bathroom door, and paint the grids for the window) but all in all... it's DONE!!!!!!

Mocha, Mocha...... she gave us a real scare last Wednesday evening!!! Ed went down to feed and noticed she wasn't "acting right". I was on the way home from dog class and he called me and said "get to the barn". Sure enough.. major signs of colic!!! We began walking her, called the vet, and out she came. Three hours later with the help of meds and mineral oils, we seemed to be over the worse of it, and Miss Mocha is back on her feet again. If it had been one of the bigger horses, we probably wouldn't have panicked so quickly, but with a mini things can go sour pretty quick. So, it was a good call and definitely worth a visit from the vet.

Thanks to my sister, Rach.. I did pay another visit to the berry field. She wanted to get some berries for her freezer and called and asked if I wanted to go with her. I was more than happy to do so, and my freezer will be stocked well with these beautiful treats.

Naomi always likes to visit the barn when she comes and Tonka was pleased to have some company. Sadly we have been so busy with this house, that the horses haven't had "much attention"... and basically the summer off from "work". BUT, that's all going to change once we are settled in.. so I keep telling them they better enjoy it now.....

We have a new treasure for the farm. Ed's brother, Bill, is a collector of almost anything "dodge". He has a number of trucks and cars, and all sorts of things. Once in a while, he likes to downsize and change things around by buying and selling new items. But instead of selling this little beauty (a 1957 pickup truck), he had it lettered and gave it to us for use on the farm.

It runs great, and can easily pull the horse trailer or do small chores around the farm. I am sure we will find all sorts of things to do with it. "thank you brother Bill.... this was a very thoughtful gift".....

Ahhh.. yes, the "piles"... back when we dug for the foundation of the house, these piles of dirt where placed just out of the way. And there they have sat since. Ed has always planned on getting them moved with our tractor, and we sort of figured it would be a fall project.

trouble is, after "playing" one afternoon with the piles, it was pretty obvious that this was just too much work for our little tractor. These rocks alone would tax any small machine..... so, we talked with a local contractor and worked out a game plan.

Basically, he'll come when he gets the time to do some (probably evenings and some weekends) and then any of the loam that is left over, he can have . (and there will certainly be plenty of loam to go). Just having one pile moved made a huge difference and to see the front of thehouse ..not hidden by huge piles, will be a real treat.
so... that's about the news on this end.... I am beginning to think that it's really winding down now... it's getting exciting.....