Saturday, April 14, 2012

Norton's busy training days......

Our friend Norton has had a busy couple of weeks!!! and his training continues to go well. A few weeks ago, he went with Linda (0ur chapter leader) to do a puppy swap and visit Cabela's. These puppy swaps are so important to our training program, it really helps the puppies move into new situations quickly and comfortably.

Norton had a fun time with Linda. He got to play with her golden Chloe, try a hand at "tenting"... made a ton of new friends,
and even dressed up as an Easter bunny!!!!!

When he got back home, I had the opportunity to take him down to Logan Airport. Our friend Kelli had gone to visit with family, and when Rick was heading down to pick her up.... I asked if I could go along. We went down early, just so we could work the dogs. We parked in the huge parking garage and headed to the elevators. Norton thinks everything is cool... and Otis, just waits quietly.

I see him sit like this often, I have to admit, I wondering what he's thinking..

The elevator dropped us off in the baggage area. Even though this picture doesn't show it, we arrived just as a plane was unloading. There were a lot of people pulling bags off, greeting one another.. other dogs that must have been on the flight... it was loud and noisy and Norton took it all in - as did Otis.

We wandered around, dealing with all sorts of people and different things. Which is exactly why we went there!!! But, when I found this huge cup of coffee!!! I couldn't resist... if only coffee really came in this size cup (sigh)

I have to say, this dog can have the calmest attitude about things. It's hard to think of him like "this" when I see him tearing around the yard and bouncing around the house... but overall, he takes things with a wonderful laid back calmness.

Kelli arrived safe and sound, and it was back to baggage to collect her things. Otis took a real interest this time, I think he might have been looking for Kelli's bag!!!!

The next day, we spent some time training at the Kittery Trading post (forgot my camera). The place was packed and it was hard to keep people at bay. Norton loves people, especially children, and some how when they see him the "rules" of a working dog don't apply. I gave up trying to tell people he was working!!!!

After that, we headed over to the flyball tournament that our club hosts each year. Now, there's a place that's loud and exciting. Norton was pretty excited to see all that activity... dogs racing, people yelling, balls rolling all over the place...

He watched with great interest....

Here's our team, waiting to run.....

but, after we had been there a few hours... this was Norton once again. Laying quietly and taking it all in. I have a good feeling about this dog too... he'll make it as a service dog, I am sure.