Sunday, November 09, 2008

oh...come on....

( Sadie shot this video yesterday on her camera of Duke as we were trying him out... I haven't ever done video on the I am trying this out.....)

I wake up this morning... I have new horse in the barn, I am anxious to see how he has done thru the night... we have church this morning, then fencing to move, stalls to re-arrange and just a whole fun day planned for the farm. BUT NOT me!!! I am sick!!!!!

Ed had a "pretty good" cold all last week, a couple of days, it really put him off his feet (and that is hard to do when it comes to my Ed!!!) He really didn't complain about it too much, I knew he wasn't feeling good.... now I really know that he wasn't feeling good!!!!

I could hardly move this morning, "looking for the that truck that had hit me"... and you have to know that I didn't feel well, because when Ed said.. "I'll go down and check the barn" I was happy to have him go. I laid around the better part of the morning, by noontime, I just had to get out and at least go and see my babies.

When we got to the barn, we ended up having a "ton" of company.... first to come was Wayne, who will be installing the heating system in the house, then some of our neighbors dropped by and met us (they have been trying to catch up with us for weeks and finally got our names and looked us up in the phone book) then my dear friend Betty popped in to see Duke and so did Sadie and Matt.

Our new neighbors are really nice, they have a Belgian and do a fair amount of driving. They had a Percheron at one time, so they were pretty interested in Tonka and Duke. Their farm is just around the corner from ours and I plan on popping into seeing them one day next week. We have a lot in common!!!!

After they left, I was feeling better (being outside helped) so Ed and I decided to get some fencing changed around... Betty was there to help, Sadie and Matt as well. We got everyone moved into their "new" stalls (I think it's where I want them all to be).. and then Betty helped me clean the stalls. It was a nice afternoon, but as I sit now to blog, I am done and will probably be to bed fairly early. Fortunately I don't have to teach dog class tonite and hope that I will feel better tomorrow. Stupid cold... you know I just don't have time to be sick.......