Thursday, February 09, 2012

winter projects..

I have to say this has been the oddest of winters... really, we haven't had winter much at all. And even though there doesn't seem to be alot going on, the days are zipping by and it's end the of another week. I have to confess, we haven't done anything with the sleighs, which is disappointing. Since we haven't had the snow, they have just sat.

But Ed has been working on making the shafts, so in the case we get one more snow, there would be the possibility of hitching a horse and at least giving them a try.

The shafts will be painted a nice black and have brass trimming, they're going to be quite pretty when they are done and "fit' the style of the sleigh very well. And not that I really care to have any more snow, but just one little storm might be nice.

So, while Ed works on the sleigh shafts, here's my "get done before the end of the month" project. The window grids. These are the divided lights that go in all the upstair windows. After painting so many for the downstairs, I just couldn't bear to do any more, and I tucked all these away for another day.

Well, this month is "the day" and I am determined to get them all painted and in place. They look so nice in the windows, and really completes the look. We also got some window shades and Ed has installed them. It's not like we need them for privacy (there's no one around us), but it won't be long before that ol' sun will be coming up around 5:30 am, and it would be nice to keep some of the light out on the rare mornings that we can sleep in. So, making progress here and there.

I've also been letting the guinea hens out on these warm winter days. They love being loose and already are pecking about the yard, looking for various "goodies". I fear we are in for a big tick season, since we haven't had any "cold" here, and I will be just as happy to let these birds get to work.

I will admit, they can be a bit obnoxious, (yes, Ed and Rick - I said that). But the are great little watch dogs, and we really don't have a big tick issues here on the farm... due to them. So, it's worth putting up with them...

Other than that, there's isn't too much exciting to write about... pretty quiet here on the farm.