Thursday, June 03, 2010


It's Thursday morning, near 8:00 am, I should be off to "work" and not "playing here" on my blog, but I just needed to show off what we have done in the past 48 hours!!! As I pretty much figured, it seemed as though we went "days without much happening" and now as the ending projects arise, they are all happening at once, and we hardly have a chance to catch our breaths. I was SO excited when the cabinets arrived.. we brought them into the house, and they were "everywhere". Next project was to get them primed and ready to hang... THEN a call comes in from the floor folks.. they want to deliver the flooring!!!

Fine.. except, we have cabinets everywhere... where will this flooring go. So.. nothing doing, Ed says, we need to get the kitchen tiling done, so we can get the cabinets in place. Quick.. decide a on a tile, get the tile... get to work. Ed started the tiling Tuesday afternoon. I helped where I could, but since I had dog classes to teach, I had to leave.

I got home around 9:00 pm to find my dear hubby still on the floor, tiling. With me not there, he had to do it all... measuring, cutting, gluing, laying out the pattern... and as we found out, this really isn't a one man job. I of course, stayed, and together we finished it up around 11:00 pm. Long day, but when we saw the finished project.. it was well worth it. I am now priming like mad and getting those cabinets ready to go up into place.

And, as promised, here is the new floor. It sits in the sewing room for the moment. (there is no other place for it).. did you know that these types of floors have to "live in the new environment for at least a week?".. I guess the floor needs time to adjust to the humidity of the new place, so the floor will sit here and just breath. But actually this week is what we need!!! We'll have to have things in place (cabinets up and house cleared out) for when the guys come to do this.

Look who gets the honors here...
Miss Abbie has the title of "first person to walk on the new floor" (she looks pretty happy about that)

THEN... who calls next.. the appliance folk.. wanting to know if we might be ready for delivery. Sure... why not? So up pulls the big truck and two guys begin to unload all kinds of goodies.

The washer and dryer will be upstairs int he "master bath" (no more running to the basement for me!!!) We asked if they would haul them up the stairs, even though we are not ready to install them just yet, they are at least where they need to be.. and we don't have to lug them.

Ed checking out the double oven. I CANT wait to bake again.. haven't' done that in the past 19 months (who has had time).. I love to bake and this new oven, well I can't wait. Think all my friends and family better get ready to pack on a few pounds when I get going!!!!

It's a little hard to think all this "mess" will be transformed into a real home in less than a month!!! well, that is if I get moving here...
so.. off I go... it's really happening!!!!