Friday, May 30, 2008

let the pictures talk

The "Amish" country... what words of mine can say what these pictures do.....

last dance

We had another grand day in Colonial Williamsburg yesterday. They are always "changing it" up which is nice for people like Ed and I who visit there as much as possible. This year they are doing "street plays"... which includes all sorts of grand props like.... ladies who can ride side saddle (very impressive!!!) and coaches that carry "Lord Dunmore"as he heads to the Capital to give a speech against the idea of going against Britain and the King!!! It's great fun, and they really get the crowds involved as much as possible.

You can also "buy" extras...(though if you have the one year pass.. many of these extras come "free" with your pass)... things like carriage rides and evening entertain are well worth the doing.

Ed and I usually take a carriage ride. It seems sort of silly to do this, since we have done it so many times... and I have a horse at home that I can drive anytime I wish.... but, there is something magical about riding in that coach thru the streets of Williamsburg. I love hearing the sounds of the hooves on the street, and seeing the people stop and snap a picture as the coach goes by... it's just one of those extras that "makes" the trip.

I saw in the program that the "evening entertainment" for last night was ..." A Ball for Lady Dunmore at the Capital"... it was to have music, entertainments, and dancing... so I signed us up for a time. When we arrived at the Capital, they had the basket lamps burning!!! and the Capital was lit with candle light. When they first brought you in.. the "entertainment" was a puppet show!!! It was really quite funny.. course the "actors" were even better than the puppet show itself. Then they took us to another room, were several gentlemen entertained us with "tavern songs!!!" and talk of "politics of the day" (1774.. that is).. and afterwards, we went down to the court chambers, were the chairs were pushed back to create a ball room.

Here, several couples did dances of the period, and were dress in their absolute finest. However, the evening did not end, until several folks were pulled from the crowd to join in a "country folk jig"... MY Ed being one of them!!! (and this fine lady in the yellow dress was his partner)... I SO wished I could have taken a photo of Ed doing the dance... he was VERY good... but, they do not want you using a flash.. and the room was too dark to get a good shot. So, you will have to "trust" me when I tell you that he had a great time, and the biggest smile on his face. It was a fun way to end a great day!!! (I wished I had been picked... oh well!!!)

Afterwards, we got Moxie and walked the Duke of Glouster Street (the main road) for one last view of the city before heading to bed, and then on the road to the north. So, it is "goodbye" again to dear Williamsburg.. with a promise that we will return on another day....