Monday, June 27, 2011

it's berry time.....

We have been anxiously awaiting the "arrival" of berry season!!! I finished up the last of my berries about a month ago, and they sure were tasty. It was so nice, all winter, to have berries on hand.... several times I pulled them out of the freezer for desserts or warm winter breakfast. I still have some blueberries left, though, we will certainly go and pick when they are ready... but having both on hand... a blessing.

Abbie (obviously) is much bigger this year than last. Last year, she was just crawling but it didn't take her too long to figure out "how to get those berries in her mouth". This year, she was into picking them... and we had to show her which ones to pick and remind her not to step on any of the plants. She did quite well, and really put more berries into the basket than take them out.

It was a cool and cloudy day.. it had actually been raining most of the morning, but we decided to try picking just the same. The patch was quite busy, so I suspect more folks would want to pick in the "rain" than the sun. After picking for a while, Abbie discovered that running up and down the rows was quite fun. Because it was so easy to keep an eye on her, we just let her go... which she thought was the absolute best!!!!

Course, a few berries always has to go into the mouth.... they are so good and sweet...

Almost the moment she was back in the truck... this is what we found. Busy day for such a little gal.... and wonderful "treats" heading to the freezer for the long winter days.