Sunday, April 08, 2007

camp lejeune

While Nate was checking in at work yesterday,
Kas sort of figured that her Mom could use a "horse fix"... so we drove out by the stables on Camp Lejeune.

It was a beautiful, sunny day... a little cool for NC, but the green grass and sunshine were awesome. As you can see, horses were out enjoying the grass. This is a boarding stable for the folks that live here. Sadly, the office for the stables was closed for the holiday weekend, so we weren't able to tour the barns... but it was great seeing all the horses.

From what I can tell by the signs outside, they have all sorts of riding camps and programs for the horse people here, as well as private boarding . I wonder what its like to have a military life , travel about and bring your horse with you. I don't know if all the big bases offer such a service, but it would seem that they think about almost everything at this base. Whenever I come to visit, I see another part that I never knew was here. It truly is it's own "little" community, and to an "outsider", quite fascinating to say the least.

On another note, it has been a little strange being away from home on this Easter holiday, but Kas and Nate have invited friends over for an Easter dinner this evening, giving me a chance to play "mom" and help prepare a family holiday dinner......