Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Look at this!!!! I am on the farm (that's Annabelle) walking around... wearing sneakers!!! "so what?" you might be asking... well the "what" is... NO boots!!! could it be that we are actually almost done with mud season!!! that the ground is actually dry enough that you can wear sneakers now and not worry about sinking up to your ankles.... I think so. It also means that the field is even solid enough that I (we) can get back to working some horses and not worry about them sinking out of sight. Next to the lake and loons... I think this might be the next most exciting thing about spring and "real good weather"!!!!! course, black flies come next, but they're not here yet!!!!

Now, tonite didn't go exactly to plan.... I was suppose to start teaching three new dog classes in Wells. But my "boss" called to say that one of the classes didn't fill, so after some thought, we decided to give it another week and see if that one class will fill a little better (if not, than I will just teach two classes next week)... SOOOOO.... not having to teach tonite meant... I got to go to steak night!!!! I haven't been able to go since Christmas.. and I was very excited to have the night off and spend sometime with our friends. It was a great evening......

Two of my very loyal...

(ah -- make that ) EXTREMELY loyal
blog readers!!!!
Told them I would have something for them to read........... :-)

news of the day...

Yesterday, the lake looked like a mirror... I am just so happy to have it back and not look out over the "great white tundra"... People are returning to their camps, raking up the winter messes, taking shutters off the windows, and all the usual "spring work". I notice each weekend, it gets a little busier.

I didn't "capture him" very well, but that white line you see across the picture, is a loon taking his morning cruise. He probably enjoys having the lake all to himself, I would say within a month, he will have to share it with boats once again. But for now, it's all his....

Finishing details are happening around the house, and according to Ken, they will be done probably within a week. THEN the project is ours (scary thought!!!) This week they laid the plywood down over the upstairs "false" floor. I have been interested in seeing this done, because I really couldn't figure out how it would all look in the end. They kept assuring me that I wouldn't even notice it was a false floor and I found that hard to believe. Now that I see it, I think they're right, when finished you won't even know that it's been built up. (this is the hallway looking into the two bedrooms)

This is the master... bathroom to the left and the closet (were Ken is working) is to the right... no floor just yet.....

Here the first piece goes down. I couldn't stay long enough to watch it all happen, but when I go today, it will all be done.

And this shot was taken out the bedroom window.. we will have a nice view of the field when we wake in the mornings!!! I will be able to see the horses... we have to take some trees down and do some thinning to see the barn... but everything in good time.

Monday evening there were three more "graduations!!!" Another "six weeks" starts again next week.... told you my life is marked in six week sessions....

this is the "puppy class"

And the first of the Advance classes... (this was Banjo's class)

Here's "my" Banjo baby!!! (notice that he has already creased his hat???)

And this is the second Advance class ( the gal on the end to the right... is Kathleen with her latest service puppy Harvey)

And now I am off, I need to get a walk in with the dog's, make a "grain run".. do barn chores and start the new Wednesday night obedience classes later this evening..... fun!!!!!